The GTA car kit provides a quick and simple method to set up a cable that provides full access to your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, and auxiliary top top your manufacturing facility stereo. Right here are accuse on how to get your 6th generation Toyota Camry connected with the recent technologies.

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Step 1 – shift into the right gear

First off, you will have to transition your Camry into "neutral" or "drive." If you’re in "park," the gearshift manage will be blocking panels the you must remove. Also, make certain the parking brake is involved so girlfriend don’t role anywhere.

Start by unscrewing and removing the transition knob. Then remove the panels ~ above the left and also right side of the center console compartment. Lock are hosted in location by hand, for this reason you have the right to pull them turn off by hand.

figure 1. Placed Camry in "drive" or "neutral."
Figure 2. Pull off the center console trim.

Step 2 – eliminate the gearshift panel

Now you’ll be able to remove the gearshift panel, which dwellings the left and right side see mirror controls. Place your fingers inside the staggered gearshift opening. Climate pull this gearshift dashboard up and also out.

Next, you’ll need to unplug the cable harness connectors situated underneath the side watch mirror switches. To execute this, push on the clip right listed below the plug, and also then pull the connector off. Carefully collection the dashboard aside.

Figure 3. Eliminate the gearshift panel.

Step 3 – remove the center console panels

The following step is to remove the entire facility console panel, which homes the gearshift panel you formerly removed, the cup holders, and storage area. Do this the same method you did an initial two steps; merely pull increase on the panel till you feeling the clips release. After you"ve traction the panel up, friend will view a connector plugged into it near the warehouse area. Unplug the connector and set the panel aside.

Figure 4. Eliminate the facility console panel.

Next, use a Phillips driver to remove the screws located behind the next compartment panels friend pulled turn off in action 1. Make sure the compartment cover is closed. Climate slide the compartment out and also unplug both cable harness connectors attached come it—one for the auxiliary and one because that the strength outlet (cigarette lighter).

Figure 5. Eliminate the compartment screws.

Looking behind the compartment you"ve simply removed, friend will watch two tiny bolts. Eliminate them using your 10mm socket, extension, and ratchet. Now you have the right to remove the air vents over the radio. Use a trim removal tool to pry the end the edge of the waiting vents unit and also then popular music it the end by hand. There is another wire exploit connector attached to the unit, therefore make certain you unplug the before completely removing the unit.

Figure 6. Eliminate bolts behind the center console compartment.
Figure 7. Remove the wait vents unit.
Pro Tip

Make certain you don’t scratch the panels you’re functioning with. Position them closely while you’re working.

Step 4 – install the GTA auto kit

Before you can remove the radio, you"ll have to remove two more 10mm bolts that are situated behind the air vents you gotten rid of in the action 3. Now the radio is ready to come out. Seize the top as well as bottom sides of the radio and also slowly slide the radio out; you perform not have actually to totally remove it. Tilt the radio forward and you will see a small, open port on the back side that it. Merely plug in the cable harness connector native the GTA automobile kit module to download it. ~ plugging in the module, you have the right to now reinstall the facility console components.

Figure 8. Slide the end the stereo.
Figure 9. Plug in the GTA auto kit module connector.

Step 5 – use the GTA auto kit

Before making use of the GTA car kit, start and also stop the engine to reset the module. Rotate on the engine again and also then turn on the radio. Hook up your music player and press the "Disc" switch on the upper right edge of your stereo. If over there is no decaying in the CD player, press the button once an ext to get in CD1 mode, i m sorry is the iPod/iPhone/AUX mode. Finally, check your new GTA car kit and enjoy your music.

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Pro Tip

With the GTA automobile kit installed, you room able to manage your iPhone and iPod music through the dashboard and steering wheel controls.