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I think i amdue because that a transmission servicing as I have 60,000 KMS on the odometer.One human being is informing me the a fluid and filter change is adequate even despite on one half of the fluid is yes, really changedAnother human is informing me that a full flush and fluid change should be done even though the filter is not changed.Which is the proper technique in friend opinionThanksWayne Bohnetwayne.bohnet

Changed in ~ 110,000 miles; I would certainly recommend lot sooner. Ns was having shuddering issues and hard shifting. I provided the oil dipstick to compare the level on mine 62te (2010 T&C) and also it worked great. Drained the 5.5 quarts (by removing the pan), replaced the filter ($17.00 Autozone), cleaned the pan and magnet in the bottom the the pan, installed brand-new gasket (included through filter purchase) and also put in 5.5 quarts of Castrol ATF + 4. The full capacity on the 62te is 9 quarts, so i still had 3.5 quarts that the old fluid to obtain out of the system. Ns did this by disconnecting the infection (return) cooling heat that"s on optimal of the transmission. It"s the one closest come engine and under the exhaust pipeline (the one through the black color cap in the photo, not the white cap). It"s a small bit that a challenge due to the border space. To disconnect the line, eliminate the plastic cap by pulling straight up. Slide the platic lid up the pipe to obtain it out of your way. Now there is a tiny spring clip in a groove near the height of the fitting. I used a very little screw driver to eliminate the clip. Do NOT loose THE CLIP. Location a huge rag roughly the installation to capture the feather clip. Once the sping clip is off, straightforward pull right up ~ above the tube. Once tube is the end of the fitting, replace the feather clip in the groove the the fitting. The tube has a taper, so as soon as the time pertains to insert it back into the fitting, you simply push under on the tube till it clicks into place. Over there is an o-ring within the installation the sals against the exterior diameter that the tube. Ok, next I connected a versatile 3/8 within diameter water tap buy forcing it over the disconnected transmission line. I provided 4 feet of 3/8 fuel line due to the fact that it"s what I had available. I provided a 1 gallon clear jug and put the 3/8 hose right into it. This gallon jug will be used to collection the staying 3.5 gallons that old fluid. I had actually my wife start the van and also immediately the old liquid started filling the 1 gallon jug. When the jug was filling, ns was simultaneously putting the brand-new 3.5 quarts of fluid into the fill tube. Once the liquid coming the end of the hose turned a glowing red (same shade a the new fliud) i told my wife to turn off the van. I checked the level again v the oil dipstick and it was the very same as when I started.

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Ns disconnected the 3/8 water tap from the tube, propelled the tube earlier into the optimal of the transmission, propelled the plastic cap earlier down over the fitting and also replaced the cap to the filler tube. Transmission shifts an excellent and does no shudder.