Special tools

Camshaft setup bar – Ford No.303-376 (21-162B).Crankshaft timing pin – Ford No.303-507 (21-210).Universal flange hold wrench – Ford No.205-072 (15-030-A).Universal flange holding wrench adapter 1 – Ford No.205-072-02 (15-030-A-02).Universal flange hold wrench adapter 2 – Ford No.205-072-01 (15-030-A-01).

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General precautions

Disconnect battery planet lead.Remove spark plugs come ease turning engine.Turn engine in regular direction of rotation (unless otherwise stated).Observe tightening torques.If fitted: note position the crankshaft position (CKP) sensor prior to removal.Do NOT turn crankshaft via camshaft or other sprockets.Do NOT revolve crankshaft or camshaft with timing chain removed.

Valve timing procedures



Engine at 45° BTDC No.1 cylinder <1> .Remove blanking plug from cylinder block <2> .Install crankshaft time pin.Turn crankshaft gradually clockwise until it stops versus timing pin.Lock camshafts with setup bar <3> .Lock timing chain tensioner in retracted position:Release ratchet <4> .Depress tensioner tongue <5> .Insert tensioner locking pen <6> .Slacken bolt of every camshaft sprocket.

NOTE: organize camshafts with spanner ~ above hexagon.

Remove camshaft sprockets and also chain.


Ensure crankshaft time pin effectively fitted.Ensure camshaft setting bar properly fitted <3> .Install camshaft sprockets and also timing chain.Tighten bolt of each camshaft sprocket finger tight.Depress tensioner tongue <5> .Remove tensioner locking pen <6> .Tighten bolt of each camshaft sprocket. Tightening torque: 72 Nm.

NOTE: organize camshafts through spanner on hexagon.

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Remove crankshaft pulley-block centre bolt.Fit new friction washer <7> .Fit crankshaft pulley.Install M6 bolt in crankshaft pulley-block <8> .Fit new crankshaft pulley-block centre bolt.Tighten crankshaft wheel centre bolt. Tightening torque: 100 Nm + 90°.Remove:M6 bolt <8> .Camshaft setup bar <3> .Crankshaft timing pin.Turn crankshaft two turns clockwise till engine at 45° BTDC No.1 cylinder <1> .Install crankshaft time pin.Turn crankshaft slowly clockwise until it stops against timing pin.Ensure M6 bolt deserve to be fitted <8> . If not, repeat time chain installation.Ensure camshaft setting bar deserve to be fitted <3> . If not, repeat time chain installation.