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I to be driving this day and all of a suddenly my vtm-4 and also check engine light came on, and also the suv began to bog and also slow down. Ns couldnt go quicker than 10 miles and also hour, it i will not ~ let me. I turned it off and back on and was may be to drive a few feet and it did the again. Its choose the vtm-4 is kicking in automatically. Ns gonna take it in tonight, but anyone understand what the worry would be?
09 yf4...used for what?

This happened to mine. Wife never tightened gas lid enough. Caused a check engine password 3 & 5 cylinder misfires. VTM-4 light was on for a job or so, inspect engine light to be on because that 3 days or so. All"s good now!:29:Apparently the misfires will reason the VTM-4 light and also as shortly as the engine starts to correct chin the VTM-4 light went out and also eventually examine engine irradiate too. Guy it ran favor shat because that a couple days though!
This taken place to mine. Wife never ever tightened gas lid enough. Caused a examine engine password 3 & 5 cylinder misfires. VTM-4 light to be on because that a job or so, inspect engine light to be on because that 3 days or so. All"s great now!:29:Apparently the misfires will reason the VTM-4 light and also as quickly as the engine starts come correct itself the VTM-4 irradiate went out and eventually check engine light too. Guy it ran prefer shat because that a pair days though!
Not certain if you"re still about this forum but I am dealing with a same problem. Did the seqeuence of events that occurred to your wife"s auto were like:1. When transforming the car, the Engine light would flash for favor 3 -4 sec and also then remains on2. VTM-4 light comes up in 5 sec and also stays on.I checked my car"s gas cap and also yes the rookie gas station guy (NJ- they to fill the gas) didn"t put the gas lid on (3 clicks) effectively that ns did last night however still both the lights stays on.
IDK what happend come my upgrade but..It ended up being the spool valve was clogged. Ns guess a spool valve controls the cylinder de activation as soon as the pilot is in eco. They both had to be replaced. So far no troubles with that. Ns asked the tech around this other issue i had. When it is cold out and i begin the vehicle up in the am, it provides this terrible sound right after start up. He stated the power steering liquid was cold and also it renders that noise when it sits. IDK..i never ever had any type of car perform that ever. Anyone have actually that noise take place to them?

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Same problem...3 times!This simply happened to my 2005 Pilot because that the third time in less than 2 years. The an initial time, the dealer changed some kind of accelerator sensor at the inquiry of the Honda engineers. It happened again about 9 months later. The second time i don"t psychic what, if anything, they go to settle it. The third time to be last week (7 months because previous occurrence). This time, the Honda designers again called the dealer to change the throttle sensor thingy. Honda claimed they redesigned the component since the critical time it was replaced. Someone made cite of a gas cap and also I just realized the last 2 times this taken place were a job or for this reason after ns filled the tank at Costco. I always turn the cap till there are at the very least 3 clicks however I wonder if there is something wrong with the gas cap? could it be that simple?? every 3 times it taken place I had actually to acquire towed come the dealer and also the most recent time can have been a an extremely dangerous case as i was on the entrace ramp come a highway during rush hour. Seriously reasoning of trading because that a various Pilot yet my saleseman claimed it is a difficult market for provided Pilots right now.