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My code is P0138 Sensor bank 1 sensor 22003 Hyundai santé fe lx/glsv62.7 litreI understand it is ~ the catalytic converter yet not certain what next its on? also if ns was told chauffeurs side or passenger side. That would be great help. Additionally if there are any type of tips i should understand that would be great too!Also if anyone to know the part number and what I would tell the sales man to help him uncover it... Occasionally they start talking and also will acquire mixed up between rear or i beg your pardon side. I recognize there room 3 different types of o2 sensors for this vehicleThanks everyone!Adam
from my comfortable chiltons manual, bank 1 need to be versus the firewall together the prior of the engine deals with the passenger side. There room 2 O2 sensors per side. 1 ~ above outlet of each exhaust manifold and then 1 downstream of every catalytic convertor. P0138 claims O2 sensor circuit high voltage bank 1 sensor 2. Acquire it increase on ramps and also follow pipes to find. Hopefully it will certainly be a basic swap and not a pita to obtain to. An excellent luck

attached is the pic that the sensor. When ordering what would this be called? I normally order indigenous www.rockauto.comagain. Any assist would it is in great! Is the the downstream appropriate or the downsteam left?ThanksAdam
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