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before I post this, i looked to check out if anyone had actually asked this and also no luck. My question is once does the timing chain require to changed and in ~ what mileage? I have 20,200 now and also I recognize I am far from needing a new one. Has anyone changed theirs yet?
The only time a brand-new chain is needed is once the Chain tensioners start to fail and you obtain a "slapping" sound.
In theory Toyota and many more recent vehicles usage chains that room designed to critical the life the the engine. Friend shouldn"t have to worry about this.
i figured 100K sounded logical. Currently does anyone know what brand time chain we have and also what brand to replace it w/? Is one brand much better vs. Another? Is this a dealer install/item only?
instead of the chain for no reason other than reasoning it"s helpful is going to be a rubbish of time and also money. The way this chain is setup, the side of the block has to pretty much be torn apart....seems simpler with the whole motor out of the car, yet I"m sure it deserve to be done while tho in it. Together was mentioned, chains will offer a slapping sound if point in wasting money on it.Also as mentioned, time belts.....entirely various story.I"m likewise at 119K miles and also drive my car an median of 100 miles per day throughout the week. Save the oil readjusted and topped turn off to help prevent premature birth chain fail due to low lubrication.
to those the still do not understandwhen to replace timing chain: when the engine is f^7ked and also you hear that slapping soundotherwise: never
Orin wrote: to those that still perform not understandwhen to change timing chain: when the engine is f^7ked and you hear that slapping soundotherwise: never
nice means to placed it.
Orin wrote: come those the still execute not understandwhen to change timing chain: when the engine is f^7ked and you hear that slapping soundotherwise: nevercouldn"t say it better myself my sentra had 300k mile on it"s initial timing chain
general dominion on engines. Many mechanics will rebuild their motors when that hit 150,000+ miles because of the wear and tear ~ above seals,valves, carbon buildup etc. Now as everyone has mentioned instead of of a time chain is not important unless you space rebuilding your motor due to high-milage. Only then is that "RECOMMENDED" not necessary that you change an essential things such as timing chains. Reason being is that you room going to have actually your motor out of the car and also putting fresh contents in. Just be glad we dont have timing belts you room at 20,000+ not worry around it you have actually plenty the time
The sound ns am hear is once the engine is torqued. At first I thought it to be a valve tap, however it is not there when idling, only once some gas is put on, but not as well much, if the RPM"s go too high, the noise walk away.
A time chain does last as long as the engine. I had actually a Hyundai Tiburon v a belt timing chain, learned indigenous a mechanic, the main issue with any engine. Is the engine an "interference engine". V an interference engine, the piston will certainly hit the valves need to a timing belt or chain fail. (Ruining the engine). I additionally heard the forum mention around engine pinging . . Muscle cars engines have their timing advanced to get more horsepower. To understand if you had too lot timing . . Girlfriend accelerated, going uphill. If it pinged, you have actually too lot timing. A greater octane gas or reduce the timing, would decrease the pinging.

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