Help me conserve some bucks ~ above a manual.. Where is the location(s) of the O2 sensor for my 2009 Aveo.. Ns did pop open up the hood and also believe that it is sitting in former on the input manual..correct.. And am i correct the there might be another one downstream?
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Should I keep it?
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I"ve also got a question about the upstream O2 sensor. My concern is, do I require a slim walled socket to obtain at the old upstream O2 sensor? ns just obtained a new O2 sensor indigenous an NTK 25189 sensor together with an O2 sensor socket do by Lisle # Lis 12100. I"m trying to take out the old O2 sensor and also it seem that there is something prevent me from obtaining the socket ~ above the old sensor to take it it out. I also made sure there was no anything obstructing the socket. I recognize it"s the exactly socket size because I tried the socket the end on the brand-new O2 sensor and it works.My question is, carry out I need a thin walled socket to take out the old sensor?And the old electric connecter is a pain come disconnect, i haven"t been able to obtain that thing to budge apart at all.

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My question is, do I need a slim walled socket to take the end the old sensor?And the old electric connecter is a pain to disconnect, ns haven"t been able to gain that point to budge apart at all.
I to buy a O2 socket indigenous my favorite cheap Chinese device import harbor freight 7/8 in. Oxygen Sensor SocketWorks well on my 2006 aveo. Ns was never able to separate the electrical connector. Luckily I simply replaced my CAT and also it make the codes walk away
Got the brand-new one installed...The old one was so hard to acquire off...had to warmth up car and also use part WD-40. Also The port Freight O2 sensor worked great Xintersecty!

Is over there a an enig to get the electrical connector to let loose? i was never ever able to number it out. And also your welcome! port Freight to rescue.Oh by the means don"t throw away your old one, you deserve to heat through a torch and also recover it. Look that on the internet and also keep it as a earlier up.

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Getting the electric connector off to be a an obstacle for sure. I offered a pipeline wrench additionally called a plumbers wrench. Top top the next that has actually the O2 sensor, I hosted onto connector through wrench, and used a box end wrench come pry the connector off....BUT also while pushing down on the tab ~ above the other side of the connector. It to be a handful gaining it disconnected.
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