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Customers: Please keep in mind that since these coins space older, lock may have actually blemishes and/or imperfections and are no guaranteed to be in brilliant uncirculated condition.

The American silver Eagle coin was riding a record wave of popularity after the very first decade that the 2000s. Regardless of the good Recessions affect on the proof version of the coin, bullion sales were on regular basis breaking all-time single-year sales records, and 2010 American silver- Eagle coin was no exception. Today, the 2010 American silver- Eagle coin is available for acquisition from JM Bullion.

Coin Highlights:

Total mintage of 35,614,361 coins in 2010!25th yearly striking of one American silver Eagle coin!Ships in a safety flip, mint-sealed tube of 20, or Monster box of 500 coins.Contains 1 oz that .999 pure silver.Face value of $1 (USD) is completely backed through the united state government.Features the go Liberty design on the obverse.Heraldic eagle from man Mercanti graces the reverse.Proof coins incorporate a W mint note from the West allude Mint.

In 2010, the American silver- Eagle coin collection bullion and overall mintage records for a 3rd consecutive year. The biggest production year because that the program prior to 2008 was 1987. In 2008, the coins soared come a manufacturing of 21.8 million because of rising silver- prices and demand during the onslaught that the great Recession.

The 2010 American silver Eagle collection a sales record for bullion coins in single year in ~ 34.7 million, beating 2009 by an ext than 4 million coins and also the 2008 record-breaking year by an ext than 14 million coins. Overall production had actually soared from a then-record the 21.8 million in 2008 to 35.6 million in 2010.

On the obverse the the coins, the photo of walking Liberty indigenous Adolph A. Weinman. This depiction initially featured ~ above the wade Liberty fifty percent Dollar native 1916 to 1947. The turning back of each coin features the heraldic eagle of the united States, which was refined and modernized for usage on these coins by former-US Mint cook Engraver man Mercanti.

2010 to be a one-of-a-kind year because that the coin series and the united state Mint because that two various other reasons. First, 2010 significant the return the the proof American silver Eagle ~ its hiatus from manufacturing in 2009. Second, united state Mint chef Engraver man Mercanti retired after stop the position since 1986.

If friend have any kind of questions, please dont hesitate come reach out to us and also ask. You can reach a JM Bullion associate on the phone in ~ 800-276-6508, online utilizing our live net chat, and via our email address. If you took pleasure in this product, consider some the our various other editions that the silver- Eagle.

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