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Vehicle password 40508 VC makes it a crime because that a person to fail to appear in court for a web traffic citation.

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1. When is the fail to show up in court because that a traffic citation a crime?

A prosecutor need to prove the adhering to to convict a defendant under 40508a VC:

the defendant got atrafficcitation, in connection with it, the defendant signed awritten promiseto show up in court, and the defendantwillfullyfailed to show up in court.1

Someone commits an plot “willfully” when he/she does that willingly or ~ above purpose. The is not forced that the person intended to:

break the law, hurt someone else, or gain any advantage.2

Note that a prosecutordoes nothave to show that the accused to be guilty of the basic ticket. A human violates this law simply by breaking a promise to:

show up in court, show up to salary bail, salary bail in installments, salary a good within the time authorized, or comply with any kind of condition the the court.3

2. What room some valid excuses for failure to appear?

There space a few excuses that an accused can use come avoid acquiring penalized under this statute.

Three typical excuses are:

the defendant did no fail to show up on purpose. The accused never ever signed an commitment to show up in court. An emergency prevented the defendant from making the court appearance.

2.1. No willful failure

Recall the an accused is just guilty under this state if he/she “willfully” failed to appear in court. This term means that a defendant missed a court dateon purpose.

It is a defense, therefore, for an accused come say the a failure to show up was no done willingly. Perhaps, because that example, a defendant missed a court day on accident.

2.2. No signed agreement

Also recall that a defendant is guilty only if he/she failure to appear aftersigning a promiseto display up in court. This means it is always a defense for an accused to display that he did no sign any kind of agreement.

2.3. Emergency

A defendant can constantly say the he failed to do a court appearance since of anemergency.

Some examples of one emergency that may excuse who from not making a court day are:

a automobile accident, a serious health issue, or a fatality of one immediate household member.

Note that if an emergency go arise, the defendant should:

inform his/her defense attorney of the situation, and/or have actually a close friend or family members member show up in court on his/her behalf.

A violation that this law can result in a well and/or prison time

3. Does 40508a VC carryfines and jail time?

A violation of vehicle Code 40508a is amisdemeanor.

The crime is punishable by:

a maximum good of $1,000.4

A violation the the regulation can also lead to:

the feasible loss that a person’sdriving privilegesfor as much as 30 days, and aholdon the defendant’s driver’s license, per VC 40509.5.

4. Can the record of conviction be expunged?

A personcan getanexpungementif judge of fail to appear.

A judge party it s okay awarded one expungement if hesuccessfully completes:

probation, or his jail term (whichever is applicable).

Note the an expungement removes many that thehardshipsassociated through a conviction.

5. Deserve to failure to appear be fee in various other code sections?

There room three crimes concerned the failure to show up in court for a website traffic citation. These are:

failure to show up – computer 1320/1320.5 violating a written promise to appear – computer 853.7, and hold top top a driver’s patent – VC 40509.5.

5.1. Failure to appear – computer 1320/1320.5

Penal code 1320 PCmakes that a crime for world to fail to appear in court when:

they have actually been released from custodyon their own recognizance, and also they are forced to appear in courtvia a court order.

Penal code 1320.5 PCmakes the a crime for people to failure to show up in court when:

lock are forced to appear in court via a court order.

5.2. Violating a created promise to show up – pc 853.7

Penal password 853.7 PCsays that is a crime because that a human to willfully violate his created promise to show up in court.

A defendant regularly signs a written agreement to show up when:

released from custody, and also the release is on his or her own recognizance.

Note that VC 40508a applies to court dates for web traffic citations. This statute applies to any type of criminal proceeding.

5.3. Organize on a driver’s patent – VC 40509.5

Vehicle password 40509.5 VCauthorizes the State to:

placed a hold on a person’s driver’s license, and also do so if the human failed to appear in web traffic court because that a ticket.

A organize on a driver’s license:

can result in the suspension of a driver’s driving privileges, and also it remains in ar until a motorist shows up in court or payment the applicable fine.

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