We require to discover the next ax of the sequence. If us observe the succession we check out that the terms room increasing and also decreasing one ~ the other. To calculate the sample of increase and also decrease we have the right to do the following.

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3-(-6) =9




If we ignore the an unfavorable sign we have the right to observe the the difference in between the continually numbers has actually a pattern.

the an initial difference is 9 and also the next difference is double that that the an initial one.

The third distinction is one much less than the very first one and also the fourth distinction is double that that the third one.

So by logic the next number should be one less than 8 the is,


Since the sample in the succession is the of increase and also decrease.

We should subtract 7 from 20.


Therefore, the next term in the sequence needs to be 13.

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Determine the equation that the line through slope -4 that passes through the point M(-2, 1).


Step-by-step explanation:

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sarah used The repeated enhancement problem below to show trouble 5+5+5+5+5 which multiplication difficulty did the solve
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The snucongo.org is 5x5 = 25
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What is the surname of the shape graphed by the function: r=2cos theta
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Step-by-step explanation:

r = 2 cos θ

Multiply both political parties by r.

r² = 2r cos θ

Convert come rectangular.

x² + y² = 2x

x² − 2x + y² = 0

Complete the square.

x² − 2x + 1 + y² = 1

(x − 1)² + y² = 1

This is a circle with facility (1, 0) and also radius 1.

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the graph the y=|x| is revolutionized as displayed in the graph below , i beg your pardon equation to represent the transformed function
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Step-by-step explanation:

Given that

transformed graph that the parental graph y=|x|

The transformed function is displayed below:-

We check out the graph at y=1 x reaches come 4 i.e, x=4

In the very same manner in ~ y = 1

and x reaches to -4

that is


Now, together per the options that are given in the question

The graph would be satisfied these 2 points would come to be transformation



At x=4



y = 1

we have the right to say that the point totally solve the equation.

So, option 1 is right that is


With the aid of a diagram we have the right to go with as attached.

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Median of 4,3,2,1,0,2,3,1,4,3
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Step-by-step explanation:

Arrange the data in one ascending order and also the typical is the middle value. If the variety of values is an even number, the median will be the typical of the two middle numbers.

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