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Unit Descriptions
1 Millimeter:1/1000th that a meter. The prefix milli indicates 1/1000th the the basic unit.

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1 Inch:An inch is 1/36 of a garden or 1/12 that a foot. Possibly derived from the broad of a person thumb. One customs is exactly 2.54 centimeters. 1 in = 0.0254 m (SI base unit).

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About millimeters to customs Conversion

Millimeters (mm) and also inches (in) room members the the global System of units (SI) and also Imperial / us customary systems, respectively. Although they room not very similar to each various other in size, an inch containing approximately twenty-five millimeters, they are typically used in similar applications. This is particularly true the the fastener industry.

A selection of wrenches sold in a nation where metric and also imperial systems space both in typical use will certainly contain size in millimeters and fractions of one inch. In ~ the range of smaller sized fasteners in details it is an ext convenient come use totality numbers that millimeters because that sizing rather than decimal of centimeters. Centimeters gift closer in dimension to the inch.

For unit switch 1 inch contains exactly 25.4 millimeters. Provided a quantity of millimeters separating by 25.4 will yield the precise number of inches. To acquire millimeters indigenous inches turning back the operation and also multiply inches by 25.4.

The basis because that this switch is found in the international yard and also pound commitment signed July 1, 1959 by six nations. The unified States, the joined Kingdom, Canada, Australia, brand-new Zealand, and also South Africa all participated in this covenant to set exact conversions because that length and also mass in between the metric and imperial systems.

Units within the metric and imperial solution have characterized ratios that develop relationships in between them.

In the instance of inches over there are precisely 12 inch in a foot, there room 3 feet in a yard. By this connection we recognize that there room 36 inch in a yard and because a yard is specifically 0.9144 meters according to the 1959 commitment a relationship in between all systems of length have the right to be established.


A millimeter is substantially smaller than an inch being roughly 1/32 that an customs (using typical halving department of one inch). Therefore, the is most beneficial when measuring points that space fractions of an inch. In the metric device the centimeter is closer in dimension to the inch; 1 customs containing approximately 2.5 centimeters.

Millimeters and also fractions of customs are frequently used to measure up wrench sizes, nuts, bolts, and other hardware. Most nations measure fastening hardware in millimeters, the unified States frequently measures hardware in fractions of an customs or mixed fractions for larger hardware.

It is herbal to do hardware in sizes the correspond to entirety numbers of millimeters and straightforward fractions that inches. Although each system has sizes that are closely aligned the organic breaks room too far apart to do the hardware interchangeable between metric and imperial / united state customary sizes.

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Common Metric and Imperial Wrench Sizes

Although hardware between the two solution is not compatible the table listed below compares several of the closest size for little fasteners.

Similar Wrench SizesMetric (mm)Imperial (in)
321 1/4"
381 1/2"


Conversions Table
1 millimeters to customs = 0.039470 millimeter to inch = 2.7559
2 millimeters to customs = 0.078780 millimeters to inch = 3.1496
3 millimeters to inches = 0.118190 millimeter to customs = 3.5433
4 millimeter to customs = 0.1575100 millimeter to inches = 3.937
5 millimeter to customs = 0.1969200 millimeters to inch = 7.874
6 millimeter to inch = 0.2362300 millimeters to customs = 11.811
7 millimeter to inches = 0.2756400 millimeter to inches = 15.748
8 millimeters to inches = 0.315500 millimeter to inch = 19.685
9 millimeters to inches = 0.3543600 millimeters to customs = 23.622
10 millimeters to inch = 0.3937800 millimeter to inch = 31.4961
20 millimeters to inch = 0.7874900 millimeter to inch = 35.4331
30 millimeter to inch = 1.18111,000 millimeters to customs = 39.3701
40 millimeters to inch = 1.574810,000 millimeters to customs = 393.7008
50 millimeter to inches = 1.9685100,000 millimeters to inches = 3937.0079
60 millimeters to customs = 2.36221,000,000 millimeters to inches = 39370.0787

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