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Introduction looking for data ~ above the Intersnucongo.org have the right to be a hit and miss affair. You execute a search and you have thousands of outcomes to investigate. Wouldn"t you prefer to achieve much better and an ext accurate results with your search?

Making use of Google"s progressed Search page

The vast bulk of Intersnucongo.org users simply use Google come look for that info on the Intersnucongo.org. They form in "google" in their favourite web browser"s deal with field and this is the page that they view.


This is a great start. You can do much better, however, if you clicked on the "Advanced Search" attach on the best hand side of the search field. As soon as the page downloads this is what you will certainly see.

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If girlfriend look closely at the options you will see you can refine your search by specifying phrases and also even excluding state from a search.

For instance if friend commenced a search just using the words "ancient" and also "Athens" you would achieve results v pages that:

include the indigenous "ancient" and "athens"
include the word "ancient" and also not "Athens"
imclude the word "Athens" and not "ancient"
include the expression "ancient Athens"

Not every one of the outcomes would be suitable.

However if you form the expression "ancient Athens" in the 2nd search field portrayed above, "Find results with the exact phrase", girlfriend will attain results that feature web pages through that exact phrase.

You may like to refine the search also further by typing in the word "Georgia" in the 4th search field portrayed above, "Find results without the words". Girlfriend will obtain results that perform not feature countless web pages with point out of the city that Athens, Georgia in the joined States.

added refinements accessible on the advanced Search web page …

If girlfriend look very closely at the display shot over you will view that there are additional refinements that deserve to assist girlfriend to narrow your search results to a better set of worthwhile or meaningful web sites.

Language: This will aid students that a 2nd language. You may be searching for specific cultural items
File format: You may be in search of a ‘pdf’ or powerpoint paper that friend had discovered earlier
Date: You wish to attain a recent short article on the topic.
Occurrences: You might only be interested in pages that describe your topic or search interest within the page content. Periodically your keyword(s) are consisted of in the ‘tags’ or html that the internet page and not within the clearly shows content
Domain: Why find the whole Intersnucongo.org once you have the right to simply find within a single domain or internet site. Example: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/ or http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/
Usage Rights: watch for products that are complimentary to use and also share
Safe Search: Filter your results by choosing the "Filter using SafeSearch" button

Four snucongo.orgS for far better Searching

This is wonderful web site designed to help with acquiring the most out of your Intersnucongo.org search. The complements the tips outlined above.

Four snucongo.orgS for better Searching

Search engines other than Google ~ Kartoo and also Vivisimo have you do the efforts "Kartoo" the presents your results as an interactive principle map or ""Vivisimo" that clusters and also organises your results right into categories?

as soon as you perform a serach making use of Kartoo you deserve to choose between "UK pages" or the "world large web". Occasionally the selection is "English pages". Kartoo gives an interesting way in which to find for information on the Intersnucongo.org. It screens the results of your search in two formats. One representation is a structured principle map the the outcomes that categorises results according to relevance and also significance. An example is displayed below.

Kartoo also represents the data as a set of categorised links to the left of the interactive map. View the instance below. Visually minded learners might prefer to usage this search engine.

an additional search engine worthy that your expedition is Vivisimo. This find engine clusters your search results as a set of beneficial categories.

together you deserve to see with the results below a find on "Ancient Athens" brings up a set of categorised results. That might be very useful both because that the teacher and the student.


Keep in mind the meaning of the assorted domain surname descriptors:

.edu: Educational web site (or .ac in the UK and also Japan)
.org: Non benefit organization
.com: benefit making organisiation (or .co in the UK and also Japan)
.snucongo.org: pertained to with the Intersnucongo.org

Which ones execute you think will contain the many credible details for teachers and students? You have the right to specify that just pages with details domains space the source of your outcomes in a Google progressed search. View the display screen shot below.

… and also there are others of food (tv, biz, id, etc)

In the example illustrated below a phrase search on the ax "ancient Athens" is restricted to website that incorporate the descriptor ".edu" in the domain name.

Meta-search engines

A meta serach sends out your search to multiple find engines simulatenously. It collection the results and also then displays them for your further investigation.

Visit this net site at the college of California in Berkeley for an excellent description and also review of meta-search engines.


Searching for images A variety of school district and regions have filtered Google pictures so the students room not unwittingly bombarded through inappropriate images. The is not feasible to accessibility Google pictures in some schools as a result.

If you execute use Google to search for images on the Intersnucongo.org climate you should shot Google"s progressed Image search. You deserve to refeine your search with particular terms similar to a indigenous search. Girlfriend can also specify various qualities for the pictures including:

File size: small, medium or large
Filetypes: jpg, gif or png
Coloration: black color & white, grayscale or full colour

In addition to these specifications girlfriend can also specify the domain for her search as well as providing three different levels the filtering:


See the display shot below.

Alternative picture search sites on the Intersnucongo.org

once searching for images it is also possible to use dedicated image hosting solutions such together ‘Photobucket’, ‘Web Shots’ or ‘Flickr’. Each of these sites have usage policies the ensure the inappropriate pictures are not placed online or, in the occasion that lock are, members the the public can report the abuse and also they will certainly be removed.

You have the right to search this galleries for photos of countries, towns, cities and also places that might be helpful for her project. Newly I located a big selection of terrific high resolution photographs of Pompeii complying with a find in Photobucket.


What is Wikipedia? This is an virtual encyclopaedia the is constantly being updated through experts and also enthusiasts that are interested in the topics displayed in that is pages. It is also an great source of info for existing news events. It need to be thought about as a an approach for easily obtaining details on a topic and also not together a 100% credible resource of information. Quite regularly the Intersnucongo.org web links at the foot of a Wikipedia article can be very useful.

Wikipedia pages can be a resource of misinformation too since anyone can edit a page in Wikipedia. The can include pages with biased views. News reports have revealed exactly how politicians, celebrities and other people have developed and/or modified entries concerning themselves and others in a self serving and subjective manner.

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The very first of many technology tips were produced today. Supporting documents will be added later.


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