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About 500 eastern 77th Street

This exquisite 1 bedroom apartment situated on the Upper east Side offers a spacious through dining/foyer entry. The unit likewise comes with terrific closets and a an excellent countertops. The building provides great amenities including a fitness center, a 24 hour doorman and a shuttle bus come subways. The structure is simply steps to river promenade and John Jay Park. This is an remarkable opportunity.

500 eastern 77th Street is one apartment situated in Manhattan County, the 10162 ZIP Code, and the attendance zone.

This building
accessible Property

Lenox Hill is a happening part of Manhattan’s Upper east Side that’s adjacent to the one and only main Park! In this top grassy oasis you’ll uncover the main Park Zoo, the metropolitan Museum that Art, the good Lawn, and so much more. Lenox Hill is recognized for its imaginative vibe, bustling urban streets, great public transit, and riverfront views. Lenox Hill has several subway train station that will take you anywhere in the brand-new York City area, native Manhattan to Brooklyn to Queens!

In fact, Lenox Hill is located across East river from Roosevelt Island. This community houses Rockefeller University, in addition to famous retailers choose Barneys and also Bloomingdales. Enjoy famous restaurants such together Tony’s Di Napoli and JG Melon, and also venture the end to neighborhood movie theaters, arts galleries, and comedy clubs after girlfriend grab a bite come eat such together the historical landmark Park path Armory.

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Beds typical Size Lowest typical Premium
Studio Studio Studio 468-480 Sq Ft $1,595 $3,192 $57,700
1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed 664-668 Sq Ft $1,450 $3,594 $13,000
2 beds 2 bed 2 beds 937-957 Sq Ft $2,045 $8,194 $75,000
3 bed 3 bed 3 beds 1144 Sq Ft $3,050 $14,983 $65,000
4 bed 4 bed 4 bed 4142 Sq Ft $6,200 $30,161 $100,000