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most Americans use direct deposit to have actually their paychecks sent straight to their bank accounts and additionally use credit transaction cards, PayPal and also other digital innovations to send and also receive money. Occasionally, however, it"s important to use document checks come pay and be paid, and checks need to be endorsed before they deserve to be cashed. The Uniform Commercial code sets out particular regulations for exactly how checks must be sent and received. The UCC calls for that file checks it is in signed ~ above the former by the person writing the check and signed ~ above the ago by the person cashing the check.

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The UCC specifies a signature in number of ways: A signature can be written manually or made by method of a device or machine. The person cashing the inspect can sign his name in octopus on the back of the check or usage a rubber stamp, i m sorry is generally made to order at an office it is provided store. The UCC likewise permits the usage of any name, word, note or symbol that payees use consistently to identify themselves or your company. For example, signing the ago of the inspect with a rubber stamp containing the name of a business, agency or company is valid.

If girlfriend deposit a inspect without signing it or if you authorize it with a signature that’s different from the payee"s surname on the former of the check, the bank has the appropriate to refuse to respect the check.

Although the is permissible to endorse a check with a rubber stamp, you must be careful around who has access to the stamp. Because that example, in Massachusetts, a bookkeeper perpetrated the biggest fraud in the state’s background by embezzling virtually $7 million over a six-year period. Since she had accessibility to the firm CFO’s signature stamp, she to be able to forge his surname on numerous dollars precious of checks. If you use a rubber stamp to authorize checks, it’s an essential to manage who has accessibility to it. Owners of service providers that generate a big volume that checks and also use stamps or check-signing machines should make certain that the tools are retained in a certain location and also that just authorized customers have accessibility to it. Courts that have actually heard cases concerning financial institutions paying the end sums come forgers who supplied stolen rubber stamps and also have ruled that if someone acquires a rubber stamp and uses the to create checks, the burden is on the legit owner the the rubber stamp to store the stamp in a certain place. To recover for losses as result of checks forged v a stamp, the rightful owner and also user the the rubber stamp must present the rubber stamp was maintained secure against unlawful use. The laws do vary by state, so examine your state"s laws regarding who has the load to protect a signature stamp.

If you decision to invest in a check-signing machine, purchase one that has actually an inner meter that records the number of processed checks. Experts advise keeping a log and frequently reviewing it to make certain no innocuous checks have actually been issued. Financial institutions require signature cards for all authorized examine signers. If an officer or other authorized employee pipeline the company or is no longer responsible for signing checks, make certain to notify the bank of current authorized personnel. If you usage a rubber rubber stamp to endorse checks, collection up a device through i beg your pardon anyone who supplies the stamp must finish a log entry for each inspect so you deserve to keep monitor of what checks are being written.

every checks should be signed ~ above the ago by the human who is called on the former of the inspect as the payee, i.e., the human being to who the check is do out and who is trying to cash the check. Signature stamps are allowed in lieu of an actual written signature, although signature stamps deserve to lead to fraudulent activity.

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Frances Katz is an attorney that writes around legal issues in company for a variety of publications consisting of The new York Times, The Week, Paste, The Independent and also The brand-new York Times. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


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