3. Motherboard Components and Connectors

A typical Asus P5N32-E SLI motherboard v constituent materials is offered below:

1. PCI SLOT (Peripheral ingredient Interconnect) : PCI slot are supplied to Insert or download Add-on cards, such as LAN cards, Sound cards, capture cards and TV tuner cards. There space usually almost everywhere from 1 to 6 PCI slots obtainable on the motherboard(above board has actually 2 PCI slots. ), castle have lessened in number and are being replaced by the PCI express 1x slots.

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2. PCI-E 16x Slot : the most usual slot because that Graphics cards, the PCI refer 16x slots provides 16 separate lanes or data transfer. These room the 16x speed versions, i m sorry are right now the fastest. PCI-E16x enables up come 4 GB/s of peak bandwidth per direction, and up to 8 GB/s concurrent bandwidth.

3. PCI-E 1x Slot : single slot - In the PCIe 1.x generation, each lane (1x) dead 250 MB/s compared to 133 MB/s because that the PCI slots. These deserve to be supplied for growth cards such together Sound Cards, or Ethernet Cards.


4. Northbridge: This enables communication between the CPU and the system memory and also PCI-E slots. The is a focal point of Motherboard and also It is likewise called together Memory Controller Hub.

5. ATX 12V 2X and also 4 pin Power connection : This is one of two power connections that supply power to the .motherboard This link will come from your power Supply.

6. CPU-Fan Connection: This is whereby the CPU fan will connect. Utilizing this link over one fof the strength supply will permit the motherboard to manage the speed of the fan, based on the CPU temperature.

7. Socket: This is whereby the CPU will plug in. The orange bracket the is neighboring it is provided for high finish heat sinks. It helps to support the weight of the warm sink.

8. DIMM slots: DIMM"s space by far and away the many used memory species in today"s computers. They vary in speeds and standards however and they require to enhance up to what your motherboard has actually been designed come take. The four standards of DIMM"s being offered at the minute are SDR (Single Data Rate), DDR (Double Data Rate), DDR2 and also DDR3. The speeds of memory have the right to vary between 66Mhz to 1600Mhz.

9. ATX power Connector: This is the second of two power connections. This is the key power connection for the motherboard, and also comes indigenous the strength Supply.

10. Ide connectors or PATA connectors : concept full form is Integrated machine Electronics. That supports ide devices, such as tough disks and CD and DVD drives. Many drives this particular day come v SATA connections.

11. Southbridge: This is the controller for components such as the PCI slots, onboard audio, and also USB connections.

12. SATA relations : SATA full form is Serial Advanced technology Attachment. These are affix with serial ATA devices, together as difficult disk drives and also CD or DVD drives.

13. Front dashboard Connections: this is wherein we will certainly hook in the connections from the case. This are greatly the various lights on the case, together as strength on, difficult drive activity etc.

14. FDD Connection: The FDD is the Floppy decaying controller. Floppy journey Connector is offered to attach floppy drives. It supports 2 floppy drives.

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15. Exterior USB Connections: There are usually a pair of this ports located on every motherboard used for connecting pen drives and external difficult drives, choose Ipods or Mp3 players.

16. CMOS battery :This is the motherboard"s battery, i beg your pardon is used to power the southern bridge and the BIOS to conserve the setting, data and also time.