The y -intercept of a graph is the allude where the graph the cross the y -axis. (Because a role must pass the vertical heat test , a function can have actually at most one y -intercept . )

The y -intercept is regularly referred to with simply the y -value. Because that example, we say the the y -intercept the the line presented in the graph below is 3.5 .


when the equation the a line is written in slope-intercept form ( y = m x + b ), the y -intercept b can be read automatically from the equation.

instance 1:

The graph the y = 3 4 x − 2 has actually its y -intercept in ~ − 2 .


Similarly, because that a quadratic equation composed in standard kind y = a x 2 + b x + c , the y -intercept is c .

instance 2:

The graph the y = − x 2 − x + 3 has actually its y -intercept in ~ 3 .


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