Gerunds are words that are formed from verbs but act as nouns. You"ll have the ability to spot them since they will be a verb + ing acting together a noun.

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The native laugh is a verb. Laughing is a verb v an -ing finishing acting as a noun. The is the topic of this sentence.

Tip: Words the are formed from verbs yet don"t act together verbs are dubbed verbals. There room two other types of verbals: participles and infinitives.

They have the right to do anything the nouns have the right to do. That method that they deserve to be subjects, straight objects, objects the prepositions, property nouns, and also more!

Running is my favorite activity. running marathons is my favourite activity.
I love listening.I love listening come my favorite band.
Reading rocks!Reading books on the porch rocks!


You remember that these act together NOUNS, right? Of food you do.

You also remember the nouns are modified through adjectives, right? If girlfriend aren"t comfortable through that yet, girlfriend should most likely be analysis up on the eight parts of speech.

Adjectives and also adverbs space called modifiers because they modify (describe) various other words.

Okay, let"s get back to the issue at hand. Let"s look at at one of those examples from above.

You may have noticed that in the pool is one adverbial prepositional phrase. That is telling us where the swim happened.

(Where is among the adverb questions.)

You should now be saying to yourself, "Hey! Nouns can only it is in modified by adjectives. What gives, Elizabeth?"

Here is what gives. ---> Gerunds are created from verbs.

Even though they are officially nouns, they still lug some of the attributes of verbs.

Their "verbness" enables these guys to take adverbial modifiers just like any type of other verb - even though castle act as nouns. (By the way, they deserve to still take it adjectival modifiers similar to other nouns.)

Gerunds can even do various other verby things...


Complements space things like direct objects. They complete verbs.

Guess what?

These babies can have complements!

Running marathons is my favorite activity.

Marathons is the straight object of running.


Are you ready to hear something sort of strange? they can even have subjects... Sort of.

Subjects room usually in the subject situation (I, he, she), but these subjects will constantly be in the possessive situation (his, her, my).

His snoring keeps me awake.

His is the "subject" of snoring.

In a Sentence...Acting As...Its Complement/Modifier...
Diagramming sentences is fun!Subject sentence is the direct object that diagramming.
I love listening come my favorite band.Direct ObjectTo my favorite tape is a prepositional phrase editing and enhancing listening.
Mary"s loud eating really bothers me!SubjectMary"s is the "subject" of eating. according to is an adverb modifying eating.

Basic Sentence Diagramming

These sit on measures when friend diagram them.

The verb part goes top top the top part of the step, and also on the -ing walk on the bottom part of the step.


After that, you diagram the modifiers and also complements just as you would with any other word.

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