1. A nitrogen basic occuring in DNA and also RNA; pairs typically with thymine is Adenine.

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follow to Watson and also Crick, purine bases constantly pair v pyrimindine bases. Hence, Adenine constantly pair with Thymine and also Guanine always pair v cytosine.

2. Very first leaf of leaves produced from seed is cotyledons. As soon as it is one, the tree is a monocot, if two, the tree is a dicot.

3. A nitrogen base discovered in DNA or RNA; pairs typically with guanine is cytosine.

4. A giant molecule consist of of the street deoxyribose, phosphates and nitrogen bases is a DNA.

5. A nitrogen base uncovered in DNA and RNA; usually pairs v cytosine is guanine.

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1. Deoxyribose

2. DNA

3. Mutation

4. Nitrogen base

5. Nucleotide

6. RNA


There room two types of main point acids: RNA and DNA. They space polymers that nucleotides. Deoxyribose and ribose space the pentose sugars existing in DNA and RNA respectively. DNA is the huge molecule make of deoxyribonucleotides. Every deoxyribonucleotide is make of one deoxyribose sugar, one nitrogen base and one phosphate molecule. Mutations are any kind of changes in the DNA the individuals.

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A cell is the straightforward unit that life.

DNA is the gigantic molecule consists of the sugar deoxyribose, phosphates, and also nitrogen bases.

Homeostasis is the maintenance of a consistent internal body atmosphere by an organism"s body.

Metabolism is every one of the chemical reactions in the biology for maintenance of the processes of life.

An organelle is a tiny structure within the cell that serves devoted functions.


Cell is defined as the structural and also functional unit of the living body. An organism might be either unicellular or multicellular, however cells are the simple structure that the living object.

DNA is the genetic molecule that is created of sugar phosphate backbone, nitrogen bases and ribose sugar. It"s vital for storing genetic information and passing them to next generations.

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Homeostasis is identified as the maintenance of internal problems of temperatures and also other parameters irrespective of outside conditions.

Metabolism is identified as the arsenal of chemical reactions going inside an biology to produce energy and also other compounds i m sorry is required for the normal healthy life.

Cell oribel are identified as the tiny structures the are current inside a cell responsible for performing specialized functions which collectively forms the features of a cell.