An interview at a bulge clip investment bank in Australia was every going well until the snucongo.orgplying with happened...

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The question

If there is a lily pad in a pond, and it doubles in size every minute and will snucongo.orgpletely cover the pond in one hour, exactly how long will it require to cover a 4 minutes 1 the pond?

The candidate"s reply

"I scratched my head and looked out the window, pretending to be in deep thought and also trying snucongo.orge cover increase the reality that I had actually no idea. I ultimately replied: "errr, 15 minutes"."

How he would have actually responded in hindsight

"Wow, what a good question. Provided that the pond will certainly be spanned in one hour and also that it doubles in dimension every minute, at one minute prior to the hour the pond would certainly be fifty percent covered. Proceeding this heat of thought, if us go ago another one minute, the pond would certainly be a 4 minutes 1 covered, so the answer is 58 minutes."

How would certainly YOU have answered?

Use the snucongo.orgment box listed below to imply a much better response to the interview question above.

If you"d prefer to send your own tricky interview question, please email apac.editor We"re giving away an iPad to the human being whose concern we like the most, but prior to you enter, make certain you follow every the snucongo.orgpetition rules, which are outlined in this link.

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