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In Kate Chopin"s "A Pair of Silk Stockings" almost every object and place has actually symbolic significance. Thus, the symbols space integral come the story"s an interpretation as the location itself dsnucongo.org.

Here are several of the symbols:

the fifteen dollars - This amount that seems big to Mrs....

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In Kate Chopin"s "A Pair the Silk Stockings" virtually every object and place has actually symbolic significance. Thus, the symbols room integral to the story"s meaning as the location itself dsnucongo.org.

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Here are few of the symbols:

the fifteen dollars - This amount the seems big to Mrs. Sommers to represent "a feeling of prominence such together she had actually not enjoyed for years" as, come her, the symbolizes her "better times."the silk stockings - these "very soothing, really pleasant come the touch" stockings represent luxury to Mrs. Sommers and pleasure as she looks at the assorted shades of light bue,, lavender, black, tan, and also gray.the "shabby old to buy bag" - This reminder of she harder days is contrasted v the contents of the bag, the stockings. Her cotton stockings - Mrs. Sommers alters from these and also dons the silk stockings. Put the cotton stockings into the shabby bag is an plot of freedom for Mrs. Sommers:

She...abandoned it s her to part mechanical impulse the directed she actions and freed her of responsibility.

the gloves and boots - "It was a long time since Mrs. Sommers had actually been fitted through gloves." these gloves and brand-new boots symbolize a go back to again "belonging come the well-dressed multitude."the magazines - likewise reminders of the days once "she had been accustomed to various other pleasant things."the perfumed lacy hankie - This belongs to the "gaudy woman" at the theatre; the is a reminder the Mrs. Sommers "belonging come the well-dressed multitude" is incompletethe cable car - The passage earlier to her typical life is one the Mrs. Sommers desire "would never stop anywhere, however go on and also on through her forever."