This tune is set against the background of America’s CivilRights Movement during the 1960s.And the title, “Only a Pawn in theGame”, is of course an allusion come chess in i m sorry pawns room the most-numerousand valueless pieces, who primary function is to defend the more-valuablesoldiers and also royalty.And likewise the idea the Dylan is placing forth isthat poor White Americans who committed hate crimes, specifically in the era inwhich this track was written, room actually “pawn(s) in your game”. Native theaforementioned phrase, the pronoun “their”refers come the Whiteelite, and also the“game” gift played is their goal come retainpower.

So in summation, the idea that is putting forth is impoverished Whites who persecute and also murder Black civilization – such together Civil legal rights leader Medgar Evers –are no the only ones guiltyof these crimes but additionally those behind the sceneswho deliberately encourage themto perform so in the surname of blinding them indigenous the big picture, which is essentially that lock arejust as suppressedas the Blacks.

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Indeed the murder of Medgar Evers (1925-1963), which is referenced in both the very first and last verse, was the catalyst which caused Bob Dylan to compose this track. However, together alluded to earlier, the song is not around Evers himself and is in fact more about his killer. In the an initial he is painted as someone who, once again, “can’t it is in blamed” because that his actions since Bob usually insinuates they were not his own. And in the critical he is portrayed as an separation, personal, instance who as soon as he dies, unequal Evers that went “down as a king”, will instead be buried as who he actually is – “a pawn in your game”.


Facts about “Only a Pawn in your Game”

Dylan later on performed it on 28 august 1963 throughout the March on Washington because that Jobs and Freedom. It’s noteworthy to say the that was the very same venue in i beg your pardon iconic civil Rights’ leader young name Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968) do his legend “I have a Dream” speech.Who composed “Only a Pawn in your Game”?

Bob Dylan created this song, and it was ultimately producedby Tom Wilson (1931-1978).

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When go Dylan relax “Only a Pawn in your Game”?

The track to be released through Columbia records on 13 January 1964 as component of Bob Dylan’s album, The Times space A-Changin’.

Where have the right to I hear Morrissey’s version of this classic?

You can listen to it below: