A decagon has actually 10 sides. If the polygon is symmetrical, the edge of rotation is offered by the adhering to equation:360 / (number that sides)Therefore, 360 = 10 = 36.The inner angles are identified by the complying with equation:180 - (angle the rotation)Therefore, 180 - 36 = 144The price is A.

Part a) The amount of the internal angle actions of a regular decagon is


Part b) The measure of each internal angle the a constant decagon is


Step-by-step explanation:

Part a)

we know that

The sum of the internal angles of a polygon is equal to



n is the variety of sides of a polygon

In this problem

----> continual decagon



Part b) What is the measure up of each interior angle the a continuous decagon?

If the figure is a consistent polygon, then all inner angles are equal


Divide the amount of the internal angles by the number of sides





Step-by-step explanation:

We have actually been given that each side that a regular hexagon steps 4 cm. We room asked to uncover the area the our given hexagon.

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We will certainly use surface ar area that hexagon formula to fix our offered problem.







Therefore, the area of our given hexagon is 123.1 squared cm and also option C is the exactly choice.


By utilizing the formula for the area that a continuous decagon:( a=side)


A ≈ 123.11cm²



28. One way to perform this is to split it up right into 10 congruent isosceles triangles who vertices accomplish at the center of the decagon.

The peak angle will certainly be 36 degrees and base will certainly be 4 cm.

Work out the elevation of among these triangles:-

tan 18 = 2 / h

h = 2 / tan 18 = 6.155 cm

So the area the this triangle = 1/2 * 4 * 6.155 = 12.311 cm^2

So area the the decagon = 10 * 12.311 = 123.1 cm^2 to nearest tenth.

Its the 3rd choice.


1. 1440

2. 144

Step-by-step explanation:

EDG 2020


D. M∡1 = 36°; m∡2 = 18°; m∡3 = 72°

Step-by-step explanation:

The 10 central angles room all the same for the constant decagon, so each is 1/10 the 360°. Edge 1 is 36°.

Angle 2 is fifty percent of edge 1, because the altitude presented is an edge bisector. Edge 2 is 18°.

Angle 3 is the complement of angle 2. That is the various other acute angle in the triangle that has angle 2 marked. Edge 3 is 72°.



the formula to discover the measure up of the inner angles of a regular polygon is m∠=(n−2)⋅180n where n= the number of sides. A decagon has 10 political parties so n=10m∠=(10−2)⋅180. 10m∠=(8)⋅180/ 10m∠=1440/10

"deca-" signifies "tens." A full circle is 360 degrees, so edge 1 is 360 degrees divided by 10, or 36 degrees. That means that answer selection 3 is correct. However note the I can not read an option 4. Prior to you expropriate this response from me, go ago and check selection 4. The measure of angle 1 must be 36 degrees.
There is a formula to recognize the dimension of each interior angle of the polygon with sides n.
A decagon is a polygon with 10 sides. So, we substitute n through 10.
Angle = 144 degreesThus, the each angle that the sign"s next is 144 degrees.I hope ns was able to explain it clearly. Have actually a good day.
768)return !window.open(this.href);$("a.app__but").attr("href",this.href);$(".app").fadeIn(200);return false;" href="/megamozg/?url=49. A road sign is in the shape of a constant decagon. What is the measure of every angle on the sign? ring to the nearest tenth. (1 point) 1,440° 144° 72° 216°">Search for various other answers
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