Could someone give a real translation of the complying with (note: no from, I can do the myself)A tout le monde, entier, je vous amie, moi ce la vie. I recognize "A tout le monde" means to all the world, or come everyone, and je vous amie, method I love you (all), be i don't understand the others. Prior to anyone asks, no, this is not a Megadeth rip-off, or miscellaneous (if any kind of of friend actually understand that song). It's actually the initial lyrics for the song, that were supplied in the demo.
After 3 years of highschool french and FakeSteve telling me 2 or 3 times, ns can't remember. Lemme check a couple of places and i'll edit this post.

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On June 25 2005 18:16 LetMeBeWithYou wrote:
It meansBrad Pit is hot and I want to have sex with him =>
I think he's talking around this DarkGhost, what's up with this "Rioteer" human being ? the keeps spamming the shit out of old subject -_-
On June 25 2005 18:42 smurfingchobo wrote:
I think he's talking around this DarkGhost
actually he saysi love girlfriend (female)prob a bunch that typos and he meansto the world, ns love you, thats exacsnucongo.orgy how i live my life?????? lol i WINGED the last part
Yeah, the last component is one of two people incorrect grammar, wrongly quoted, or some odd French structure that I execute not know. Mine guess is the it's some type of "c'est la vie," which method "that's life."Added: and "I love you" is actually "je vous aime," (or "je t'aime") make me believe even an ext that this is misquoted or taped by someone that doesn't speak French.
On June 25 2005 18:51 Veg wrote:
actually the saysi love friend (female)prob a bunch that typos and also he meansto the world, i love you, thats exacsnucongo.orgy how i live my life?????? lol i WINGED the critical part
Yeah. It sound really great when it's sung, however it makes no sense, i guess.He, an ext than likely, doesn't really speak French. That's why he had someone else carry out the French component in the actual song.
I speak french ( mommy tongue)wow that is yes, really badly typed : initial : A tout le monde, entier, je vous amie, moi ce la vieGood one : A tout le monde entier, je vous aime, moi c'est la vieBasically i am not even sure what the guys is trying come say. Analyzed word because that word, the is choose : come everyone approximately the world, ns love you, me the is life.If the "amie" is not a typo, it might be thisTo everyone about the world, mine friends, the is my life.Lol ns really need much more context that this sentence.

Actually it is:"A tout le mondeA tout les amisJe vous aimeJe dois partir"which translates to:"To every the worldTo every my friendsI love youI need to leave"
Why the hell go he need to leavei like how 90% of every rock songs(especially punk -_-
text make pure no sence at allhence why we all have actually them stuf in our top

I believe this was based on his self-destruction attempt? Or something? Fakesteve said me yet I forgot, again.Edit: i checked and yes that is. That overdosed in 1993.
Oh good, i looked at it and thought one of two people my quebecois street french was bad, or this sentence simply didn't make sense.

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It to be a song dedicated to some1 who passed away (a member of megadeth ns believe) PoP has the appropriate translation.
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