Initially, a weather balloon has a volume of28.5 L in ~ 28.0 ˚C and also 748 mmHg. We’re being asked to determine thevolume of the weather balloonif the pressure transforms to385 mmHgand the temperature alters to–15.0 ˚C.

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Recall the theideal gas lawis:


Thepressure, volume, and also temperature of a gasare related to thenumber of mole of gas and also the universal gas constant:


The valuenR is constant. For a offered moles that gas, the initial and also final pressure, volume, and also temperature the the gas are related by thecombined gas law:


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A weather balloon is inflated to a volume that 28.5 L in ~ a push of 748 mmHg and also a temperature that 28.0 °C. The balloon rises in the atmosphere to an altitude of roughly 25,000 feet, where the push is 385 mmHg and also the temperature is -15.0 °C. Presume the balloon can openly expand, calculation the volume that the balloon at this altitude.

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