This indict explains basic show commands (such as show ip route, present ip interfaces brief, display version, present flash, display running-config, present startup-config, present controllers, etc.) in Cisco router with examples. Learn how to use show regulates in Cisco router come get details information.

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To explain basic router present commands, ns will use packet tracer network simulator software. You can use any type of network simulator software or deserve to use a genuine Cisco router to follow this guide. Over there is no difference in output as lengthy as your selected software includes the regulates explained in this tutorial.

Create a exercise lab as shown in following number or download this pre-created practice lab and load in packet tracer

Download practice topology for straightforward show commands


If require, you deserve to download the latest and also earlier variation of Packet Tracer indigenous here. Download Packet Tracer

Device / InterfaceConnected ToIP Address
PC0Router0"s FastEthernet 0/
Router0"s FastEthernet 0/0PC010.0.0.1/
Router0"s Serial 0/0/0Router1"s serial 0/0/
Router1"s Serial 0/0/0Router0"s serial 0/0/
Router1"s FastEthernet 0/0PC120.0.0.1/
PC1Router1"s FastEthernet 0/

RIP Routing protocol is configured top top both routers. Clock rate and bandwidth is assigned top top Router0’s serial user interface 0/0/0.

Above exercise lab is only a referral to understand the display commands much more clearly, it’s no a necessity to follow this tutorial. You have the right to follow this accuse in a single router or also without router.

Access CLI prompt that router


Use enable command to enter in privilege exec mode. Cisco IOS supports distinct context sensitive aid features. We can use this functions to perform all easily accessible commands and parameters those are connected with show command.

Enter show command with ? ( Question note ) to list all easily accessible commands


If notice returns with parameters excluding that means it requires more parameters to complete this command.

If note returns v only as option, that way router walk not require any added parameters to finish this command.You can execute this command in current condition.


Router#show interfaces

This command mirrors the status and configuration that interfaces. By default it will display all interfaces.But you deserve to limit it to certain interface. To check out the detail of certain interface you deserve to use the complying with command.

Router#show interface
For example to check out the detail of serial 0/0/0 user interface on Router0 we will use adhering to command


Output of this command gives several details around interface including its status,encapsulation, user interface type, MTU, critical input and output packet etc. First line of output reflects the condition of interface. An initial up indicates the condition of physics layer. Second up advert the data connect layer status.

Possible condition of physics layer UP: - user interface is receiving physical layer signals. Down:- interface is not receiving physical layer signals. This can be happen as result of following reasons. Cable is unplugged You space using dorn cable type. Attached machine is turned off. Administratively down:- interface is turned off by using shutdown command.Possible condition of data connect layer UP:- interface is operational. Down:- interface is no operational. This could be because of following reasons:- physical layer is down Incorrect encapsulation setting Incorrect clock rate or bandwidth setup Incorrect keepalives setting
Interface statusDescription
UP and also UPInterface is operational
UP and DownCheck data attach layer for possible reasons offered above
Down and DownCheck physics layer for possible reasons offered above
Administratively down and also downInterface is disabled through shutdown command

2nd line reflects the Hardware form and MAC resolve of interface. Third line mirrors the IP resolve of interface. MTU shows the Ethernet structure size. BW parameter refers to bandwidth linkRouter# display ip user interface brief

This command offers a fast overview of all interfaces top top the router including their IP addresses and also status.


Router#show controllers

This command is offered to examine the hardware statistic that interface consisting of clock rate and cable condition such together cable is attached or not. One finish of serial cable is physically DTE, and also other finish is DCE. If cable is attached, it will display screen the form of cable.


Router#show flash

This command will display the content of speed memory, used an are and easily accessible space. By default router shop IOS image file in flash. We have the right to use this command to examine the available space in Flash memory while update / restoring IOS files.


Router#show version

This command will screen information around software version of to run IOS. It likewise provides information around configuration setting. The shows current configuration register setting that is offered to reset the password that router.


Router#show startup-config

Routers pack configuration indigenous NVRAM in startup. This command will display the configuration stored in NVRAM.

Router#show running-config

Router keeps all to run configuration in RAM. This command will display screen the configuration at this time running in RAM.

Router#show clock

This command displays current time ~ above router.

Router#show hosts

This command screens names and addresses of the hosts on the network the you deserve to connect.

Router#show users

This command screens users currently linked to the router.

Router#show arp

This command displays ARP cache table. ARP table is provided to resolve the hardware MAC addresses.

Router#show protocols

This command mirrors the status of configured layer 3 protocols ~ above the device.

Router#show history

Router keeps a history of used command. This command will list the supplied command on that level.

Router#show ip route

Routers usage routing table to take it packet front decision. This command screens routing table.

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Show command supports several other parameters to display screen command details information. Because of length the this short article we will encompass them in next short articles with their corresponding topics.