Carroll O’Connor is finest known for play Archie Bunker in the struggle comedy All in the Family. Illustration wouldn’t be the very same without his presence. However, there to be a time when O’Connor was absent at the beginning of season 5. This is what Showbiz Cheat paper knows around what happened.

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Norman Lear at first ‘thanked God’ because that Carroll O’Connor



Jean Stapleton and Carroll O’Connor | Ron Eisenberg/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Although Lear to be overjoyed to have O’Connor pat the lead role in All in the Family, things easily soured. Communication didn’t constantly go clearly on the set. O’Connor apparently had arguments with Lear. They couldn’t agree on the an innovative direction the the show, i beg your pardon led to frequent clashes.

At one point, O’Connor left the present in an answer to a contract dispute. He want a higher salary, yet was denied. After ~ O’Connor left, he additionally demanded $64,000 in earlier pay, according to Entertainment Weekly.

O’Connor was absent from a couple of shows in season 5. Among them to be episodes 8 and also 9 (titled “Where’s Archie?” and also “Archie is Missing”) which were about Edith getting worried after ~ Archie disappears while travel to a convention hosted in Buffalo. This episodes were a method to cover increase the reality that O’Connor had actually walked off the show. Lear and O’Connor eventually involved an agreement and also he returned to the series.

Lear told Lena Dunham throughout a Sundance movie Festival interview the working v O’Connor to be difficult, reports The Hollywood Reporter. When All in the Family was beginning to wind down, he said O’Connor to be the just one that didn’t want to finish the show. The other actors members were all set to call it quits, however O’Connor supposedly wanted to proceed filming episodes.

“The only one who didn’t was Carroll, and also he to be the many difficult,” Lear said Dunham. “It was very difficult dealing with him together Archie Bunker. I venerated the ground the walked on; there couldn’t be another Archie Bunker in the background of the world. He lived in it choose no one rather could. Having actually said that, that was an extremely difficult.”

O’Connor at some point moved ~ above to perform the spinoff Archie Bunker’s Place. The display aired from 1979 to 1983.

Sally Struthers likewise left the present briefly

O’Connor isn’t the only actors member who chose to walk turn off the show. Sally Struthers, that played Archie’s daughter, Gloria, didn’t desire to proceed playing the exact same character indefinitely, reports The new York Times. One season, after the show went ~ above hiatus for the summer, she decided not come return.

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Lear comment by acquiring an injunction to protect against Struthers from working for everyone else during the remainder of she contract (three years). She at some point came earlier to occupational after she was enabled to miss 4 of the show’s 24 episodes.