With Kingdom understanding 3 alive in the mind of the KH fans, here's a guide for what Keyblades in Kingdom understanding 2.5 Remix room Effective, Cool-Looking and Keeping the stress and anxiety Level under

With Kingdom mind 3"s newest trailer released at E3, possibly some of girlfriend Kingdom Hearts fans room itching come fight the Heartless and save various Disney worlds. No better solution could be found than Kingdom mind HD 2.5 Remix, especially Kingdom mind 2 last Mix. As in any KH game, there space multiple Keyblades for Sora to wield, yet which ones space really precious using? Which persons gurantee a much less stressful playthrough?
Well, in price to her questions right here are my personal suggestions because that which Keyblades to have equipped and which Keyblades room worth the extra mile and which can help you level up your Drive Forms. Naturally, there will be spoilers so think about yourself warned!! So, let"s gain going through the Keyblade goodness shall we?


Keyblades gained as the game Progresses:

Kingdom Key


Power: 3Magic: 1Ability: damage ControlObtained: struggle the “Mysteries Enemy” at The Old Mansion

Yeah, this is the standard Keyblade. Although the is basic it has actually a decent strength stat while also giving a tiny magic boost. Its capability also halves the damages Sora takes as soon as his HP is critical. This Keyblade must last you most of the development and v the first two people or so.

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Star Seeker


Power: 3Magic: 1Ability: air Combo PlusObtained: Recieve Valor kind in the mysterious Tower

This Keyblade is commonly not applied by most players. This is usually due to the fact that since Star Seeker is the default Keyblade because that Valor kind at the begginig the the game, that can’t it is in equipped together a key weapon till Sora has an additional Keyblade to replace it. But this can be quickly remedied by going come the among the an initial worlds, such together The land of Dragons, which have so-so Keyblades that deserve to replace Star Seeker. Star Seeker deserve to be advantageous as main Keyblade together it boasts the very same stats together Kingdom Key, yet its ability is geared towards the offensive together it offers Sora an extra waiting Combo Attack. It also just looks so cool and has been used a lot of in Birth by Sleep as Mickey’s default Keyblade.

Rumbling Rose


Power: 5Magic: 0Ability: Finishing PlusObtained: Reuniting through the Beast in Beast’s Castle.

Although this Keyblade lacks in the magic department, it much more than renders up because that it through the pure physical damage it deserve to inflict. Its strong power stats an unified with its capability to give Sora secondary finishing attack makes the a an excellent fit for acquisition down at an early stage game enemies.

Hero’s Crest


Power: 4Magic: 0Ability: wait Combo BoostObtained: finish Olympus Coliseum for the very first time

Hero’s stakes is also great for Kingdom hearts 2’s at an early stage game. Heroes’ comb ties with Rumbling Rose, despite having a slightly reduced power stat. Both have similar stats however Hero’s Crest’s capacity boosts the power of waiting combos, which depending upon the player might be preferable.

Guardian Soul


Power: 5Magic: 1Ability: Reaction BoostObtained: clean Olympus Coliseum the 2nd time

Guardian heart is a very decent keyblade with a powerful strength an increase and add to a little boost come Sora’s miracle abilities. It ranking up nice high among the Keyblades when worrying Strength stats. Additionally its reaction boost capability can assist with multiple ceo battles as it renders reaction commands deal an ext damage, for this reason battles prefer the MCP deserve to be completed much quicker. All this and also the Guardian Soul’s architecture is yes, really sleek and also cool looking and the Keyblade is associated with among the ideal Final Fantasy characters, Auron.

Sleeping Lion


Power: 5Magic: 3Ability: Combo PlusObtained: talk to Leon before the second visit to an are Paranoids

Sleeping Lion is usually a slightly far better version ~ above the Guardian Soul as soon as it comes to stats as it gives your magic strength a boost. That Combo Plus capability adds a bonus assault to Sora’s ground attack. The cherry on peak is the this Keyblade basically allows Sora wield the iconic Gunblade from final Fantasy VIII.

Decisive Pumpkin


Power: 6Magic: 1Ability: Combo BoostObtained: clear Halloween town for the second time

Although that is gained late in Kingdom hearts 2, Descisive Pumpkin is worth it. Its stamin stats are considered on par v Ultima Weapon and Oblivion, 2 of the the strongest Keyblades in the game. Its ability sweetens the transaction by dealing added damage to adversaries with each hit Sora lands throughout an waiting or ground combo. Also Decisive Pumpkin’s Christmas-Halloween aesthetic is really distinctive and an extremely clever.



Power: 6Magic: 2Ability: journey BoostObtained: Reunite v Riku in the people that never Was

What put this Keyblade over Decisive Pumpkin is that it becomes available later in the story the KH2 and it also has a slightly better magic stat. Oblivion is one of the main Keyblades of the collection and is one ornate and also cool spring weapon that packs a substantial punch. Also its ability is the same as the “twin” Oathkeeper, i m sorry decreases how easily the drive Gauge is depleted. This basically extends all drive Forms, which is constantly a positive.

Top-Tier Keyblades for the Brave the Heart:

These space the Keyblades that require initiative outside the the story to find them. Typically this method collecting synthetic items or fighting in the Tournaments at the Olympus Colliseum.

Ultima Weapon


Power: 6Magic: 4Ability: MP HastegaObtained: items Synthesis

Ultima Weapon is constantly present in any Kingdom Hearts game and they are virtually always extremely difficult to get. In KH2 FM you require to discover 13 Orichalcum+, 1 Orichalcum, 1 Mythril Crystal, 1 thick Crystal, 1 Twilight Crystal and also 7 Serenity Shards. Also there are only 7 Orichalum+’s in the game, therefore you require the Moogle Shop previous Level 2 in order to halve the materials compelled for the Ultima Weapon. The Ultima Weapon absolutely has the the strongest balance of having actually a huge Power rise as well as a decent Magic boost. Its capacity also increases Sora’s Magic regeneration, which can be a life saver in the more daunting challenges and also boss battles.

For those who take into consideration themselves brave, below is a video clip guide to developing the Ultima Weapon:

Winner’s Proof


Power: 5Magic: 7Ability: No ExperienceObtained: finish the Mushroom XIII: No. 13 Challenge

Another Keyblade for the brave of heart or figured out of soul, Winner’s proof is just unlocked once the player as beat all 13 company XIII Mushroom Heartless i m sorry is quite the hurdle. It has the most an effective Magic rise out of any Keyblade in KH2 FM and also has decent physical attributes as well. But its capability known as No Experience, deserve to make it less preferable to usage as the nullifies any experience Sora gains during any type of battle.

For the human being who want/need some help defeating every one of the Mushroom Challenges, I discovered an FAQ which must help.

Fatal Crest


Power: 3Magic: 5Ability: Berserk ChargeObtained: complete the Goddess of Fate Cup in Olympus Coliseum

Fatal comb is a very odd Keyblade in general; specifically considering the lengths the player needs to go to acquire it. It rises magic making it rather well suited because that Wisdom Form. Yet its capacity gets rid that a finishing move, forcing Sora to loss bosses by either casting magic or performing a limit. It has the 2nd highest Magic an increase in KH2 FM, beaten just by Winner’s Proof i beg your pardon is simply as difficult, if no more, to obtain.



Power: 7Magic: 1Ability: an unfavorable ComboObtained: loss Sephiroth (Optional Boss)

Definitely because that those who are over-achievers because you should beat Sephiroth in stimulate to acquire this Keyblade. Sephiroth is no pushover; his first attack will instantly death Sora if the reaction command is not pressed quickly enough. Fenrir is absolutely worth the price of join as its strength stat is higher than Ultima Weapon, a Keyblade said to it is in “above all others”. Back its ability negative Combo, as one would certainly guess, shortens both Sora’s aerial and also ground combos, this “ability” can be valuable as most bosses have the right to only be defeated with finishers i beg your pardon this weapon causes to happen an ext quickly.

Keyblades because that "Drive Farming"

This last catergory that Keyblades space ones that are not necessarily the strongest, however their abilities help with leveling increase Sora"s various Drive Forms. This can assist Sora acquire to chests he normally cannot reach and also collect various collectibles.

Follow the Wind


Power: 3Magic: 1Ability: DrawObtained: clean Port imperial for the first time

Follow the Wind is an okay Keyblade, it has similar stats come Kingdom an essential but due to the fact that Sora gains follow the Wind later on in the game diminishes its overall value. But its ability, Draw, increases Sora’s capability to draw in orbs, i m sorry assists in leveling up master Form.



Power: 3Magic: 3Ability: form BoostObtained: Unlock the gate in Twilight Town

Oathkeeper is the pair Keyblade that Oblivion, which would define why its capacity is the same. Oathkeeper comes means before Oblivion as much as the story that KH2 FM is concerned. Therefore this Keyblade, while having actually a very balanced stat set, can additionally assist in leveling increase Drive develops as the extends your duration.

Sweet Memories


Power: 0Magic: 4Ability: Driver ConverterObtained: complete “The Expotition” in the 100-Acre Wood.

Although this Keyblade only adds come the Sora’s magic abilities, its ability known as Drive Converter converts any dropped orbs right into Drive Orbs. This can be extremely useful with leveling up understand Form, together it only gains experience by choose up journey Orbs.

Two end up being One


Power: 5Magic: 4Ability: irradiate & DarknessObtained: defeating Roxas in The people that never Was

A decent and well-balanced Keyblade, Two become One is a gorgeous weapon that has one hell the an capability that can help unlock Final form quicker. The capability Light & Darkness automatically switches Sora to Final kind or Anti-Form once he activates any of his journey Forms. This ability that deserve to be a useful tool to activate last Form, i m sorry does not become easily accessible until randomly activated as soon as Sora make the efforts to come to be one that his various other forms. That can additionally be double-edged sword as the capability really is a fifty-fifty opportunity that Sora can be put into Anti-Form, i m sorry takes dual damage from every attacks and also leaves Sora without any kind of teammates.

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So those are the Keyblades in KH2 FM that I discover can do your suffer with the game a bit more berable. Walk I miss out on your favourite Keyblade? execute you disagree with my choice? leave a comment and remember because that all your gaming articles and also needs, remain tuned come snucongo.org.