Rihanna’s thirteenth tattoo is a personal phrase intended together a type of self-motivation for the hugely effective star. Rihanna’s collarbone tattoo reads “Never a failure, always a lesson” and is published backwards on she skin in cursive writing. The tattoo was done by Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, the tattoo artist responsible for plenty of of RiRi’s tattoos. Bang Bang is the owner of new York City’s east Side Ink, a tattoo parlor that Rihanna has actually been inked at numerous times in the past few years. Follow to Bang Bang, Rihanna’s chest tattoo was written backwards since she wanted to have the ability to read the in the mirror, and her tattoo definition represents she “motto in life for everything,” follow to the star.

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Story of Rihanna’s never a failure Tattoo

Rihanna’s shoulder tattoo was done through Bang Bang at east Side Ink, in ~ 2 a.m. In December 2009. While the timing appears impulsive, Bang Bang claims Rihanna said him front of time the she to be coming in for a tattoo. When she gained there, Rihanna told the what tattoo she wanted and also that she want it tattooed backwards. Rihanna maintains the the expression is other she hold true to her heart. “Instead of considering points to be mistakes, considering lock lessons,” she explains. Rihanna decided this details tattoo to be inked in gray rather than black, so the it would certainly be an ext subtle.

She didn’t want to draw too lot attention come the tattoo, which is situated just below her best collarbone, near her shoulder. This shows that Rihanna doesn’t like tattoos since of the media attention it it s okay her; Rihanna loves tattoos due to the fact that they have actually a special and also symbolic an interpretation for she alone.

Rihanna’s Motto and Her Tattoo

One the Rihanna’s newest tattoos, “Never a failure, always a lesson” represents a motto the pop star bring away seriously: finding out from your mistakes. It’s clear that Rihanna loves tattoos, portrayed by the countless pieces of squid she currently has, but this doesn’t typical she choose them at random.

The singer’s tattoos room there for all of us come see, yet truly represent a an individual aspect of her life.

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Every Rihanna’s tattoos were designed or hand-chosen by the star, and also symbolize an essential aspect of her life. Hopefully she motto doesn’t readjust anytime soon though, because she’ll be see this collarbone tattoo every time she watch in the mirror!