Andy Biersack and also his longtime girlfriend, singer Juliet Simms, had an intimate wedding ceremony

April 18, 2016

Although Andy Biersack is the frontman the the band with the gothic name, black Veil Brides, his new bride Juliet Simms wasn’t wearing a black veil throughout the wedding: there room times when it’s better to go with traditional white color. The wedding took location on Saturday evening and was “a beautiful intimate ceremony” v friends and family only. Almost no details leaked ~ above the web prior to the marriage about the couple’s large plans. The place of the ceremony was kept super secret.

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Biersack and Simms got involved a couple of months ago. The couple had been date for several years before they made decision to do it official and exchange wedding vows. Black color Veil Brides frontman created on Instagram: “I married my ideal friend in the world. Ns am the happiest man alive!” The happy bride wrote nearly the same: “I got to marry my finest friend, love of mine life and soulmate.”

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The pair has currently shared a few photos, comments and impressions on their Instagram pages. Check out what Biersack composed under the wedding photo:

“We had a beautiful intimate ceremony v our friends and also family and I married my finest friend in the world. I am the happiest guy alive! give thanks to you to everyone who concerned support us, it to be such a wonder night filled through love and also laughs. Thank you to every among you guys who have supported Juliet Simms and I in our love and have to be so sort to both that us. I am exceptionally excited to start this new chapter in my life with my spirit mate. The list of world who added to this wedding and made it happen is too long to list but needless come say this wouldn’t have happened without our dedicated and amazing friends. Say thanks to you!”


Though Biersack recently introduced his new solo single and video clip for “We Don’t need to Dance”, i m sorry belongs come his solo project, Andy Black, throughout the consciousness the groom didn’t psychic dancing v his gorgeous bride. You have the right to see the picture from the couple’s very first dance below.

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Some that you might wonder who Juliet Simms is and what she does, for this reason is here to tell you much more about BVB’s singer’s lover one. Born in mountain Francisco, California ~ above February 26, 1986, Simms started as a vocalist in the band Automatic Loveletter. She became well well-known in the united state as The Voice contender of Season 2. Simms came second in the show finale. Her cover that ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ reached #70 on Billboard. The singer’s success on The Voice gave her vessel to walk solo, for this reason she is currently pursuing a solo career.

Simms and also Biersack also sang together earlier: the two singers collaborated top top Simm’s song ‘Not broken Yet’ indigenous her all or nothing EP (hear the track below).

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Yesterday evening we had actually a beautiful intimate ceremony with our friends and also family and also I married my best friend in the world. I am the happiest man alive! give thanks to you to anyone who involved support us, it was such a magical night filled with love and laughs. Give thanks to you to every one of you males who have supported
thejulietsimms and I in our love and also have to be so type to both that us. I am extremely excited to begin this new chapter in my life with my heart mate. The list of people who contributed to this wedding and also made it occur is too lengthy to list however needless to say this wouldn’t have happened without our dedicated and remarkable friends. Say thanks to you! picture by