Angela Rockwood Biography

Angela Rockwood is an American model and also actress, finest known for her roles in The Fast and the Furious, the syndicated television series V.I.P. And also for the truth Television series Push Girls.

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Angela Rockwood Age

Angela Rockwood to be born in Clovis, new Mexico, U.S. On march 14, 1975. She is 45 years as of 2020 and she celebrates her birthday on 14th march every year. She is that American Nationality.

Angela Rockwood Family

Rockwood is the earliest of four kids of German-Thai descent and also was raised overseas in the Philippines, Spain, and Guam. In ~ the period of 22, she moved from mountain Francisco to Los Angeles, to end up art school and work through Michelle Bohbot and Bijan. She would later turn down a project as a composite sketch artist for the LAPD, and instead welcomed a modeling job for designer Michelle the Bisou Bisou.

Angela Rockwood Photo

Angela Rockwood Husband

Angela to be married to gibbs Dustin Nguyen (Vietnamese-American actor, director, writer, and also martial artist) in February 2002. Castle separated and divorced in 2011. Since 2011, Dustin has been married come a Vietnamese model and also actress.

Angela Rockwood net Worth

Rockwood is an actress and also producer who came to be a influential voice because that the disabled. She primary resource of wealth originates from being a tv actress. Her net worth is estimated to be around $20 Million.

Angela Rockwood Facts and Body Measurements

Here room some amazing facts and body measurements you should know about Angela Rockwood

Full Name: Angela Rockwood Age/ how Old?: 45 year Date that Birth: march 14, 1975. Place of Birth: Clovis, brand-new Mexico, U.S. Birthday: 14th in march Nationality: American Education‎: Not available Father’s Name: Not obtainable Mother’s Name: Not obtainable Siblings: 3 Married?: Dustin Nguyen (m. 2002; div. 2011) Children/ Kids: nobody Height/ just how tall?: Not obtainable Weight: Not obtainable Profession: Model and actress Known For: The truth Television collection Push Girls, The Fast and the Furious, and also the syndicated television series V.I.P. Net worth: $20 Million

Angela Rockwood Disability|Angela Rockwood Accident

Rockwood was connected in a auto accident ~ above September 3, 2001, on California’s interstate 5 Highway i beg your pardon is between San Francisco and Los Angeles during a labor day weekend. This happened while they to be returning late at night indigenous visiting her maid of honor for her then-upcoming marriage to Dustin Nguyen, as soon as the driver (also among her bridesmaids) shed control.

The automobile diverged right into the roadside absent face, flipped, struggle the safety rail and plunged down an embankment. Vietnamese actress Thuy Trang (who to be 27 year old then) was tragically eliminated in the crash after she sustained internal injuries.

Rockwood was thrown the end of the automobile through a window before that is final influence and to be rendered a quadriplegic. She was provided a 3% opportunity of regaining motor an abilities and feeling listed below her neck by the doctors. However, with physical therapy, she regained partial motion in she left index finger 2 months ~ the accident. Three months after ~ the accident, she might touch the peak of her head. In 2003, Rockwood received Stem cell therapies in Portugal that permitted her to at some point use a hands-on wheelchair.

Angela Rockwood Life ~ Disability

She is one ambassador because that the Christopher and also Dana Reeve Foundation, Angela represents, the paralysis source center and assist in their outreach campaign to inspire and educate the eastern American communities. She is also a proud spokesmodel for ti-lite wheelchairs and works as a version for client such together Target and also Nordstrom.

Additionally, she has actually energized her acting career by landing three nationwide commercials for AARP, Maybelline, and also sonny. She is likewise featured in cinemabilty, a documentary command by Jenni gold which contains Ben Affleck, Jaime Foxx, and Jane Seymour.

Frequently inquiry Questions about Angela Rockwood

Who is Angela Rockwood?

Rockwood is an American model and also actress, finest known because that her functions in The Fast and the Furious, the syndicated television series V.I.P. And also for the truth Television series Push Girls.

How old is Angela Rockwood?

She is 45 years together she was born in Clovis, brand-new Mexico, U.S. On in march 14, 1975.

How high is Angela Rockwood?

She has not common her height with the public. Her height will be noted once we have it native a credible source.

Is Angela Rockwood married?

She to be married to Dustin Nguyen indigenous 2002 to 2011. However, her present marital life is however to be updated.

How much is Angela Rockwood worth?

Rockwood is an actress and also producer who ended up being a prominent voice for the disabled. Her primary source of wealth originates from being a tv actress. Her network worth is estimated to be about $20 Million.

How lot does Angela Rockwood make?

According come our trustworthy sources, her annual estimated value is however to be updated.

Where walk Rockwood live?

She to be born in Clovis, brand-new Mexico, but since of security reasons, she has not mutual her specific location of residence. We will instantly update this info if we get the location and images of her house.

Is Rockwood dead or alive?

She is alive and also in good health. There have actually been no reports of she being noble or having any kind of health-related issues.

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Where is Rockwood Now?

She is still pushing on as a life coach and likewise has a display The press Girls.


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