Hmm well that"s a relatively specific request. Part that I have seen that might possibly fit under that could be Naruto or Bleach (very long though). Additionally Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (my personal favorite anime). Hope the helps.

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You"re right, that one totally slipped my mind. Still on-going though, at illustration 17 the 24 at the moment.
Hmm fine that"s a relatively specific request. Part that I have actually seen that might possibly to the right under that might be Naruto or Bleach (very long though). Also Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (my an individual favorite anime). Hope that helps.
really? describes virtually all the shounen anime >.>pretty common anime convention lol:scryed (kazumi never thinks he"s weak though)busou renkinhajime no ippotengen toppa gurren lagannflame that reccafate remain night (movie countless bladeworks afterwards). Most human being think fate zero is superior but isn"t really what you"re questioning forfull metal panic!hunter x hunter (new and also old)kibahitman reborn (you have to gain through like 10 illustration or something before any action actually really starts. Sort of a hit or miss out on anime. Way to deus ex machina)project armsrurouni kenshin (he trust he has no strength at least)shaman kingtokyo undergroundyu-yu hakusho
As others have actually said, Accel civilization fits that pretty fine if girlfriend don"t mind something that"s tho running.
I would definitely recommend full Metal Panic and also Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Also Kenichi to be an exceptional anime imo
i loved it!
he to know he"s strong but that believes that his strength doesn"t accomplish anything.killing civilization is irrelevant
Hey!I newly finished re-watching Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple and I was wondering if over there is more anime prefer that.A weak boy / girl, who has actually next to no strength but due to the fact that they believe in castle self"s, lock can become strong. Shakugan No shana is a little like that, he has no power but he is attracted into a people where he must learn to fight. I was simply wondering if anyone to know any more anime prefer this, and also is no 13 ish episodes long.I must put my anime perform here, if everyone is willing to take a look. It"s not fully completed. love, Lolwhowtf.
Watch Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.Their mechs room actually powered by fighting spirit.Its additionally a really great show, even if girlfriend dont choose mechs. Its simply so end the peak it no matter.Its 27 illustration long, but they condensed it into two movies, if you not mind switching part character development for cooler fights.
You said your anime-watch perform was not completed, yet I execute not check out Shakugan no Shana 2 & 3 top top the list, did friend indeliberately miss to put these up together watched?
Oda Nobuna is sort of prefer that, well, through a kid entering a different world and also meeting a girl. It"s a surprisingly funny show, with good characters. It"s currently still airing, but I do recommend it come you.

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Mardock scramble is pretty damn good cyberpunk kind deal, its very mature though so if that"s not your thing stay away.