In these lessons, we will learn just how pairs that lines deserve to relateto each various other in four various ways:

These concepts are helpful for understanding and solving various geometry problems.

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Intersecting Lines

Intersecting lines space lines that meet at a point.When 2 lines intersect, they define anglesat the point of intersection.

Parallel Lines

Parallel lines space lines that never ever intersect. The distance betweenthe two lines is fixed and the 2 lines space going in the exact same direction.

Perpendicular Lines

Perpendicular lines are lines that crossing at one suggest and form a 90° angle.

The adhering to diagrams present the Intersecting Lines, Parallel Lines and Perpendicular Lines.Scroll down the web page for much more examples and also solutions.


The following video clip gives a an interpretation of intersecting lines.

The following video clip gives a meaning of parallel lines.Parallel lines space coplanar present that perform not intersect.

The following video gives a meaning of perpendicular lines.

Parallel, Perpendicular & Intersecting lines Song

Song to assist you psychic what room parallel, perpendicular and also intersecting lines.Parallel lines never ever meet;Intersecting lines do v’s;Perpendicular lines fulfill at 90 degrees;Put her hands in the air with me!!

Skew Lines

The above relationships between lines take location on the very same plane.

However, skew present only take place in space.Skew lines never ever intersect since they are not on the very same plane. Skew lines are challenging to draw because they exist in the threedimensional space. Lets consider a cube.

Imagine the currently
runningalong the edges of a cube together shown, and also line
to run on the front surface of the cube.They are lines in various planes and also will never ever intersect.

The following video gives a an interpretation of skew lines.

Difference in between parallel lines and also skew lines.

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Parallel lines room two coplanar currently that never intersect.Skew lines are lines that are not coplanar and can never ever intersect.

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