If you desire to let her dog eat food native the table, or girlfriend enjoy cooking for her dog, it is vital to know which seasonings dogs can and can’t eat. That is crucial for her dog’s health and also safety. This is what you have to know around dogs and spices.

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Cooking for yourself is one thing, however you need to be much more careful when you cook for your dog. Once it pertains to spices for dogs, there are some that are too strong, some that room dangerous, and others the won’t affect them at all. Keep reading to learn an ext about i beg your pardon is which.


For ultimate pet safety, ns recommend consulting with your vet about all the questions you have around your dog eat spices.

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Dogs and also Spices: What You should KnowSafe spices For DogsCan dogs Eat Cinnamon?Can dogs Eat Saffron?Spices poor For DogsCan dogs Eat only Leaves?Can dogs Eat Chili Powder?Can dog Eat Cloves?Can dog Eat Curry Powder?Can dogs Eat Garlic Salt or Garlic Powder?Can dogs Eat Nutmeg?Can dogs Eat Onion Powder?Can dog Eat Paprika?Spices Ok because that DogsCan dogs Eat Anise?Can dog Eat Cayenne Pepper?Seasoning because that Dog FoodDogs and also Spices: last Thoughts

Dogs and Spices: What You need to Know


It could be tempting to whip increase an extra section of her dinner and give it to your dog, but is that safe? deserve to dogs eat spices?

This is a an extensive list of seasonings that dog can and also cannot eat, including ones that room safe however you have to still be mindful about.

Safe spices For Dogs

If you have ever before wondered, “what spices deserve to dogs eat?” climate this is the list for you. There are so countless spices that room either safe, totally toxic, or even just fine for her dog.

First, let’s watch at every one of the seasonings that are fully safe for her dog and also how to use them.

Can dogs Eat Cinnamon?


According to the ASPCA, cinnamon is non-toxic because that dogs. This is a good spice to add to homemade dog biscuits, specifically in the fall.

Be aware that when you bake dog treats, there are several ingredients that are frequently paired v cinnamon that space actually really poor for her dog. Avoid giving your dog nutmeg, chocolate, raisins, or macadamia nuts.

Can dog Eat Saffron?

Saffron is normally safe for her dog to eat in little doses. That course, if your dog ate whole jar of saffron it might upset their stomach.

Some dogs can not react an extremely well come saffron, for this reason only provide your dog a tiny bit in ~ first.

Can dogs Eat Turmeric?


Turmeric has actually been offered by people for it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Over there haven’t been a the majority of studies around whether it’s simply as good for dogs, but it is recognized to be safe for dogs to eat.

In fact, some dog foods items list turmeric together an ingredient. It is a pretty usual additive that enhances flavor and also gives the food an ext natural color.

Spices negative For Dogs

These room the flavors dogs have to not eat. Read this list closely and keep these seasonings away from your dog’s food and don’t let her dog eat human food that has these spices.

Within this list room spices that are poisonous because that dogs.

Can dogs Eat just Leaves?


Bay leaves space toxic for dogs. They have actually eugenol and other toxic vital oils in them.

If your dog eats a bay leaf, they might have few of these symptoms:

Diarrhea LethargyVomitingDepressionGI street Blockages

This leaf has sharp edge that might damage the GI tract.

Dogs don’t have enzymes that can metabolize the eugenol and also some necessary oils like humans do. If girlfriend think your dog ate a bay leaf call your veterinarian immediately.

Can dogs Eat Chili Powder?

No, dogs cannot eat chili powder. Dogs are very sensitive come spicy foods, and chili powder can upset your stomach in a very bad way.

Chili powder is not specifically toxic for dogs. If lock eat other accidentally the was spiced with chili powder, they could just begin sneezing a lot and have an uncomfortable stomach. Offer them lot of of water and watch because that worse symptoms.

Can dog Eat Cloves?

Just choose bay leaves, cloves also have eugenol, i m sorry a dog’s body cannot digest. For this reason, cloves are considered toxic to dogs. It can cause serious liver problems.

There space some resources that case cloves can not be an extremely dangerous to dogs. But because there is tho a chance it can harm them, ns suggest staying clear of it completely and talking to your veterinarian prior to introducing that to her dog.

Can dog Eat Curry Powder?

Curry is another spice the is too powerful for dogs to digest. As with chili powder, too lot curry could reason diarrhea and also other problems like and also upset stomach.

If your dog gets right into your curry meal, provide them many of water and watch out for health problems like lethargy and vomiting.

Can dogs Eat Garlic Salt or Garlic Powder?

Garlic is one ingredient that you should constantly keep away from your dog in all forms. Follow to the Merck veterinarian Manual, garlic consists of thiosulfate i m sorry is toxic to dogs.

Fresh garlic, garlic salt, and garlic powder, room all toxicity to dogs. Thiosulfate causes oxidative damage to her dog’s red blood cells. This outcomes in hemolytic anemia.

Rest assured that a sprinkle the garlic powder won’t do lot damage. Studies display it would take around 5 cloves of garlic to harm your dog.

Can dog Eat Nutmeg?

Nutmeg is an additional spice that is toxicity to dogs. This is since it contains Myristicin.

Just prefer with the various other spices in this list, the takes a big dose to really cause harm to her dog. In ~ high doses, nutmeg cause cause disorientation, hallucinations, quick heart rate, and greater blood pressure.

If they eat one cookie that has a young amount that nutmeg, simply keep an eye top top them. Possibilities are they will be ok. Dogs v really perceptible stomachs might still experience an uncomfortable stomach.

Can dog Eat Onion Powder?

Onions in all creates – even the flour – save on computer N-propyl disulfide which reasons a malfunction of red blood cells and also anemia in dogs. You have to keep your dog far from onions and also anything containing onion powder.

Can dogs Eat Paprika?

Paprika isn’t as dangerous to dogs as few of the other spices in this list, yet it is still unsafe to just offer your dog.

It’s been recognized to cause skin and eye irritation. The can additionally upset your dog’s stomach. Store your dog far from the jug of paprika and also avoid giving your dog anything the is made v paprika.

Can dogs Eat Vanilla?


Vanilla extract and also imitation vanilla both save on computer a high alcohol contents that isn’t for sure for your dog.

Dogs cannot breakdown alcohol in their bodies. If lock drink too lot vanilla extract, it can give lock alcohol poisoning.

That being said, if you uncover an alcohol-free vanilla that offers vegetable glycerin, you have the right to use this for sure in homemade dog treats.

Spices Ok because that Dogs

These spices are ok because that dogs. In this list, you’ll uncover the spices you can provide to her dogs, yet you have to still only give them a tiny bit that it.

Can dog Eat Anise?

Anise is the flavor many off associated with licorice. If girlfriend have ever seen a cat walk crazy about catnip, you’ll know just how dogs will certainly react to anise! In fact, the synthetic hare used in greyhound gyeongju is doused in anise oil.

Anise is safe for dogs in tiny doses. If her dog eats as well much, it might rile up your stomach or depress your nervous system.

The safest method to use anise for her dog is to sprinkle a tiny bit in a homemade dog treat.

Can dog Eat Cayenne Pepper?

Dogs deserve to safely eat cayenne pepper, however they won’t want to touch it. The is yes, really irritating because that a dog’s eyes, nose, and also skin. Even though that is safe for dogs, keep it away from her dog.

Can dog Eat Cumin?

In little amounts, cumin is completely safe because that dogs. Be cautious with just how much girlfriend use, however. In big doses, it can upset her dog’s stomach or offer them ache gas.

In little amounts, cumin can give larger dogs power or one immune-system boost.

Before you begin sprinkling the on her dog’s food, give them a tiny amount and observe exactly how they handle it.


Seasoning because that Dog Food

If you desire to do your own dog food or add a small flavor to the food friend buy your dog, these are the seasonings that room safe because that dogs.

What deserve to I season mine dog’s food with?

If you desire to include a small bit the flavor come homemade dog food, constantly just include a little bit. You might enjoy spicy food, yet a dog can’t take care of the very same amount girlfriend can.

Season dog food with just one type of the complying with dog-friendly seasonings per meal.

Fresh parsley GingerFresh blueberriesSageFresh eco-friendly peppers

Learn more about dogs and fresh herbs.

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Dogs and also Spices: last Thoughts

As you can see, dog don’t really need a most extra spices and flavors in their food. Feeding lock food recommended by her veterinarian will give them every the nutrition castle need.

If you want to make your own dog food, be an extremely careful v how numerous spices girlfriend add. Stop toxic seasonings and always watch for any kind of gastrointestinal reaction to brand-new flavors girlfriend introduce.

More Dog Food Resources

Here room even much more resources about different human foods your dog can and also cannot eat.