If you very own a pet rabbit then one of those sudden realizations is even if it is or not they require salt. Your food appears relatively low in salt and there are salt licks and mineral sticks for sale top top the market. This can cause confusion. So, I chose to command some research study on the subject to aid you meet your rabbit needs and also requirements. Ns would prefer to present this information below to girlfriend today.

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So do Rabbits need salt? Rabbits do need some salt. However, lock only need a tiny amount. This must be detailed naturally in ~ a healthy and also wholesome diet that is composed of Hay, Vegetables, and also a Well-Balanced Pellet Feed. Thus Salt and or Mineral Licks room not compelled nor carry out they need to be provided.


How much Salt does a hare Need

There have actually been tiny studies on the day-to-day requirement that salt (sodium) for rabbits. However, in the released works Nutrient needs for Rabbits (1977), it claims that adding up to 0.5% the a rabbits daily diet in salt appears to be a for sure amount. Additionally, offering salt in a manner by which rabbits can choose to consume the or refuse it is an effective strategy.

Other remarkable studies have observed wild rabbits, and also how rabbit respond come sodium depletion and repletion (along with various other minerals such as Potassium).

All such researches have shown that rabbits have actually mechanisms to carefully control the amount of salt within their system, and also they can efficiently remove the if required (through urine and faeces).

That being said, rabbits have to not be forced to consume salt, no one does it should be added to any of your food.

You may an alert that most rabbit food brands will certainly list salt within their ingredients. This will generally be in the direction of the finish of the list because it is one of the the very least abundant materials of that feed. Generally there is approximately 0.25-0.75% current – right in the sweet mark according come the studies. Because that this reason, rabbits will certainly naturally obtain some salt (sodium) within their diet. You execute not need to carry out it through other sources.

Rabbit pellets will because of this be the significant source the salt within the diet. As soon as you think about that pellets should consist of no more than 5-10% the the diet, naturally, access to salt is inherently reduced.

Another necessary consideration, is to take a look in ~ rabbits in the wild. They space able to obtain food and graze together they select, and also will live turn off the create of the herbal land. A the majority of wild plants room consumed, and also they do show up to lick rocks and also stones come acquire added minerals when they naturally feel the is required.

Through such observations and also a testimonial of the literature, we have the right to safely assume the rabbits deserve to instinctively manage their very own sodium levels. This other research also support this notion. As soon as we evaluation the outcomes of ‘The voluntary correction of salt deficiency through the rabbit’ we soon realize that rabbits can closely correct any type of salt deficiencies, also after being dehydrated with diuretics.

This research therefore additionally points to suggest rabbits do need some salt. They will certainly actively try to raise their levels in order to be appropriately hydrated.

What walk Salt carry out For Rabbits?


While we have actually now confirmed that rabbits require some salt, and also that they carry out a fine naturals task of optimizing their levels, the question then is why execute rabbits also need salt?

It is no various to why humans, or other pets require salt.

Salt is taken into consideration “essential because that life“, and plays a crucial role in a variety of biological functions.

Salt is abundant in a variety of essential minerals that assistance electrolyte and also fluid balance, nerve transmission and also muscle function. Beyond this, salt dram a key role in cultivating optimal heart activity and specific metabolic functions.

Some salt is naturally current in most foods. Together plants call for salt us to grow, even vegetables and fruits will contain a small amount. While soil quality and also farming methods will affect the amount of minerals in your vegetables (including salt), it crucial to note that it deserve to never be entirely avoided. Nor must it.

Ultimately, disadvantage health results will take place with her rabbit if lock consume as well much, or perform not attain enough sodium. However, for the most part, the is likely that a rabbit will certainly consume too lot rather than as well little.

A moderate quantity of salt, because that a healthy rabbit, will not reason dehydration, nor does it damages organs. In fact, it will work-related to stop either of this two health and wellness complications when acquired in optimal amounts.

However, it is important to keep in mind that hare with health conditions, like heart disease, will certainly have various needs and also requirements. Equally, there might be rare cases where a hare requires more salt. Either way, and also for this reasons, the is always best to speak to her vet around salt to ensure that you space serving the wellness of your rabbit and also not harming them.

Do Rabbits require A Salt Wheel?

As you may have guessed thus far from this article, a rabbit does not require a salt wheel. While there is nothing inherently wrong with giving one, note that it might be a garbage of money together your rabbit may choose to neglect it.

Rabbits will naturally regulate the quantity of sodium that lock consume, and also if they space being fed any type of pellet, then there sodium need will most likely be covered.

It is thus only in a case through which pellets space not being fed, or where the diet is doing not have in vegetables and fruit and is nearly exclusively hay, that a salt wheel may be used.

Is Salt Lick great For Rabbits?

Salt lick is good for rabbits. However again, only as soon as they space depleted with sodium and also they need to restore their sodium levels earlier to an optimal range.

This is rare and unlikely in healthy and balanced rabbits, together as detailed above, if a enough diet is provided, the salt lick will likely sit in the corner of the cage and be neglected.

That gift said, if you space not feeding pellets to her rabbit, or you want to administer a salt lick to ensure that they are gaining enough, you have to opt because that a Himalayan salt lick (like this excellent and hugely respect one ~ above Amazon).

You’ll want to opt because that Himalayan Salt if you execute decide to opt because that a lick due to the fact that it is from normally clean waters and contains 84 minerals that all pat a large role in promoting the health of her rabbit. This includes sodium, magnesium, and also potassium.

What do Rabbits need In their Cage?

So as you currently know, salt wheels and licks room optional. However what is actually compelled for one optimal and health-promoting habitat.

Here are the main aspects you must be certain to include:

BeddingLitter BoxWater BottlesToysHayPellets

It is necessary to gain a bedding that contains natural odor control and is able to absorb a many liquid. This will carry out a nicer atmosphere for your rabbit and also for your home. Ours bedding buyers guide explains this in much more detail.

Outside this friend will desire to introduce a litter box to control where your rabbit goes to the toilet. This will additionally limit bacteria and promote an excellent hygiene.

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Be sure to include a variety of water bottles so that your rabbits have plenty of accessibility to water at every times. Be sure to administer fresh water frequently and make sure you acquire some bottles that cannot clog or break an extremely easily.

Toys are essential to carry out mental stimulation for your rabbits and also to avoid boredom. There room a lot of affordable playthings that can assist improve the wellness of her rabbit.

Hay should comprise at least 80% of her rabbits diet. Second Cut Timothy is the best for most rabbits (it is high fiber and it is particularly satisfying for most rabbits). You’ll want to administer hay liberally and also opt because that a fresh and responsibly sourced brand.

Lastly, be certain to obtain some high-quality pellets. A lot of pellet products and also feeds the you gain from constant pet stores room not great quality. You want to ensure the they space not stuffed complete of fillers and also instead administer a most nutrients and added fiber.