It to be announced this morning that the who’s Afraid the Virginia Woolf? actor George Segal died on Tuesday in ~ the age of 87. Countless fans are mourning his death and also celebrating his illustrious 6 decade lengthy career. However, this news has sparked the inquiry – Is George Segal regarded Katey Sagal or Steven Seagal?

Who is George Segal?

George Segal was a well known Hollywood actor that was nominated for his function as Nick in who Afraid the Virginia Woolf? alongside Elizabeth Taylor.

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He was also component of the Alfred Hitchcock Hour, A Touch of Class, as well as recent movies and series such together 2012, just Shoot Me, The Goldbergs and Elsa & Fred.


GOLDBERGS – “The Return of the Formica King” – company rival and also nemesis “Formica” Mike make the efforts to do an offer Murray can’t refuse by buying footrest Empire. Meanwhile, Adam offers Ms. Cinoman his and also Erica’s original display when William pen cannot certain the legal rights to a popular spring musical to stage on an all-new illustration of “The Goldbergs,” WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EDT), top top ABC. (Raymond Liu/ABC via Getty Images)GEORGE SEGAL, LEA THOMPSON (DIRECTOR), WENDI MCLENDON-COVEY, SEAN GIAMBRONE

He to be born top top 13 February 1934 and it was announced by his family members that the passed far on Tuesday because of complications native bypass surgery.

He to be still functioning on the ABC display The Goldberg’s before he died. Producer and also writer of the show Adam F. Goldberg has actually said: “Today we shed a legend” and that George was a “kid at heart”.

Sonia, his mam of end 20 years, has said the household are “devastated” by the loss.

Is George Segal concerned Katey Segal or Steven Seagal?

George Segal is not pertained to either Katey Sagal or Steven Seagal, thus the slim variations in your surnames.

Katey Sagal is a comedic gibbs most well known for her voice job-related as Turanga Leela in Futurama, or as Gemma teller Morrow in young of Anarchy.

She was born in Los Angeles top top 19 January 1954 and also is 64-years-old. She parents are filmmaker Boris Sagal and singer Sara Zwilling.

Steven Seagal is likewise an actor, and a martial artist, screenwriter, producer and also musician.

He is most famous for his job-related in movies such together On fatal Ground, above the Law and Under Siege.

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Seagal to be born in Lansing, Michigan top top 10 April 1952 and is 68 year old.

He is rocking fairly a different look nowadays, v a pair of glasses and also neatly trimmed moustache and also beard.

George Segal has actually two daughters called Polly and also Elizabeth. Polly, born on 4 January 1966, entered the exhilaration profession prefer her father. She action in Weekend in ~ Bernie’s and likewise The Feminine Touch. However, these room her only credited acting functions as it appears she left the industry shortly after.