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1. Which roman inn ruler organized the title of dictator or absolute leader at the time of his assassination by members the the Senate?

9. ~ the Romans drive the critical Etruscan king from power, they established a republic, a federal government in which power rests through ___________________ who have the right to pick their leaders(vote).

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12. Together a result of 207 years of Pax Romana, the _______________ empire experienced peace and prosperity

16. The emperor"s purpose for separating the Roman realm was come make control of the Empire an ext ______________.

22. In the at an early stage Roman republic, this to be someone whose power was absolute however whose time in office was limited to a six-month period.

23. This is just one of two officials who shared the powers of ruling the republic and whose time in office was minimal to one year.

24. These are the people who very first settled the land on the bend of the Tiber River that was to become Rome.

25.These world gave the Romans their alphabet and their understanding of architecture, consisting of the arch.

26. These to be the wealthy, aristocratic landowners who hosted most of the strength in the early on republic.

27. This human being led a pressure of much more than 50,000 soldiers and also 60 elephants across the Alps to attack Italy.

28. This group established nests in southerly Italy and Sicily and also interacted v the at an early stage Romans.

31. These world were the common farmers, merchants, workers, and also artisans that consisted of the bulk of roman inn citizens.

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37. The architecture of the roman inn aqueducts made far-ranging use of the architectural structure of the _____________.

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