1  adj If you are sure that something is true, girlfriend are particular that that is true. If you space not sure around something, you do not understand for certain what the true instance is. v-link ADJ, ADJ that, ADJ wh, ADJ about/of n (=certain)  (Antonym: doubtful) He"d never remained in a course before and also he to be not also sure the he should have been teaching..., The president has never been certain which direction he want to go in ~ above this issue..., that is difficult to be sure around the worth of land.  

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2  adj 
If who is certain of acquiring something, they will absolutely get the or they think they will certainly get it. v-link ADJ the -ing/n A lot of people think the it"s better to pay for their education so that they have the right to be certain of acquiring quality...  
3  phrase 
If friend say the something is certain to happen, you room emphasizing your id that it will happen., (emphasis) With end 80 beaches to select from, you are sure to discover a place to lay her towel...  
4  adj Sure is supplied to emphasize that something such as a authorize or ability is trusted or accurate. ADJ n  (emphasis) Sharpe"s leg and shoulder began to ache, a sure authorize of rain..., She has a sure grasp of social problems such as literacy, poverty and child care.  
5  adj 
If you tell who to it is in sureto perform something, you average that they must not forget to perform it. v-link ADJ, ADJ to-inf, ADJ that  (emphasis) Be certain to read around how mozzarella is made, on web page 65..., Be sure you gain your daily quota of calcium.  
7  adv You can use certain in order come emphasize what you are saying. INFORMAL ADV prior to v  (emphasis) (=certainly) `Has the whole world just unable to do crazy?"—`Sure looks that way, doesn"t it."  
8 You say certain enough, specifically when informing a story, to check that other was yes, really true or was actually happening. ♦sure enough 
 phrase PHR v cl (not last in cl) We discovered the English treacle pudding too an excellent to resist. Sure enough, it to be delicious...  
9 If you say the something is for certain or that you understand it because that sure, you mean that it is certainly true. ♦for sure 
 phrase PHR with cl (not very first in cl) One thing"s for sure, Astbury"s vocal layout hasn"t readjusted much end the years...  
10 If you make surethat miscellaneous is done, you take action so that it is done. ♦make sure 
 phrase V inflects, usu PHR that Make certain that you monitor the indict carefully...  
11 If you do surethat other is the way that you desire or expect it come be, you inspect that that is that way. ♦make sure 
 phrase V inflects, usu PHR that He looked in the bathroom come make certain that he to be alone...  
12 If girlfriend say that something is a sure thing, you average that you are specific that the will occur or be successful. INFORMAL ♦sure thing 
 phrase This proposal is by no method a sure thing.  
13 If you room sure that yourself, girlfriend are very confident around your very own abilities or opinions. ♦be certain of oneself 
 phrase v-link PHR I"d never ever seen him like this, so certain of himself, therefore in command.  
 , surefire A sure-fire thing is something that is details to success or win. INFORMAL  adj ADJ n ...a surefire best seller.  
1  adj A human being or animal that is sure-footed have the right to move quickly over steep or uneven ground there is no falling. My equine is little but wiry and also sure-footed.  
2  adj 
If someone is sure-footed, they room confident in what they room doing. (=confident) The work Party was farming increasingly sure-footed.  

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