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waves UNIT testimonial EN: ____ CALIFORNIA STATE QUESTIONS: 1. A sound tide is produced in a metal cylinder by striking one end. I m sorry of the complying with occurs together the tide travels along the cylinder? A its amplitude increases. B that frequency increases. C It transfers matter. D It transfers energy. The graph depicts the relationship between wave energy and wave amplitude. How is the energy of the wave influenced if the amplitude of the wave boosts from 2 meter to 4 meters? A the is halved. B that is doubled. C that is quadrupled. D It stays the same. 3. A radio station transmits to a receiving antenna. The radio wave sent is a A sound wave. B torsional wave. C longitudinal wave. D transverse wave. 4. A extended spring attached come two resolved points is compressed on one end and also released, as shown. The resulting tide travels earlier and forth in between the two addressed ends the the spring till it pertains to a stop. This is an instance of _____ . (circle all the apply) A transverse wave. B longitudinal wave. C superpositional wave. D refracted wave. E. Mechanical wave 5. One finish of a horizontal cable is brought about to oscillate vertically when the other end is attached come a resolved object. The tide that travels along the wire is an example of A an electromagnetic wave. B a transverse wave. C a microwave. D a longitudinal wave. 6. A sound wave traveling through a heavy material has actually a frequency that 500 hertz. The wavelength of the sound wave is 2 meters. What is the rate of sound in the material? A 250 m/s B 500 m/s C 1000 m/s D 250,000 m/s 7. A tuning fork is supplied to produce sound waves v a frequency the 440 hertz. The tide travel through the air in ~ 344 m/s. What is the wavelength that the sound waves? A 0.15 m B 0.39 m C 0.78 m D 1.28 m 8. A student shakes the finish of a rope v a frequency the 1.5 Hz, resulting in waves with a wavelength that 0.8 m to take trip along the rope. What is the velocity the the waves? A 1.9 m/s B 1.6 m/s C 1.2 m/s D 0.53 m/s 9. What is the wavelength the a 264-Hz sound wave as soon as the rate of sound is 345 m/s ? A 0.77 m B 1.31 m C 6.09 m D 9.11 m 10. Astronauts on the Moon would certainly not have the ability to hear a landslide since A the lunar dust deadens sounds. B extensive sunlight destroys sound waves. C the magnetic ar of the Moon is too weak to carry sound. D air molecule on the Moon room too far apart to lug sound. 11. Sound waves cannot carry energy v A water. B air. C a mirror. D a vacuum. 12. Wherein does clearly shows light fall on the electromagnetic spectrum? A in between x-rays and gamma rays B between short-wave radio and television C in between infrared and also ultraviolet D between microwaves and also infrared 13. In a vacuum, radio waves, visible light, and also x-rays all have the same A wavelength. B speed. C frequency. D energy. 14. Objects show up different in size and also shape in a container that water because of A refraction the the irradiate waves. B interference of the water and also light waves. C polarization of the light waves. D diffraction that the irradiate waves. 15. An technician in a moving train blows the train’s horn. The train is moving away from a human standing on the ground. Compared to the frequency the the sound the the technician hears, the human being standing top top the soil hears a sound v A the same wavelength. B much more variation in tone. C better amplitude. D a lower frequency. WAVE features 16. Determine the types of waves A: Transverse the vibrational displacement occurs in a direction perpendicular come the motion of a wave. B: Longitudinal or compressional the vibrational displacement occurs in a direction parallel to the movement of a wave. 17. Complement the correct state to your definitions: PULSE: C a. The size of a single pulse. FREQUENCY: AMPLITUDE: WAVELENGTH: D Bb. The maximum amount a disturbance is indigenous a wave’s rest position. C. A single disturbance in a media that moves follow me in a wave. Ad. The price at which wave pulses happen a point. # that waves the pass a allude in a provided amount of time 18. Brand the above terms ~ above the diagram below 19. Identify the primary problem that identify the speed of a wave: The medium . 20. Abc If all 3 EM waves room in the same medium, which has the greatest frequency? A Which has the the very least amount the energy? C enhance the letters above to infrared tide (B) radio waves (C) and also visible light (A) i m sorry is travel the fastest? every the exact same speed due to the fact that the same medium 21. Compared with solar radiation, terrestrial radiation has a much longer wavelength. 22. What is another name for terrestrial radiation? Infrared radiation 23. In a florist’s environment-friendly house, visible light waves have the right to penetrate the environment-friendly house glass yet infrared waves cannot 24. The Earth’s atmosphere is comparable to a greenhouse. If the atmosphere were to contain excess quantities of water vapor and also carbon dioxide, the air would be opaque come infrared waves. 25. Identify the rate of tide equation: ν = λ ƒ The tide train occurred in 10 sec present your work. Calculate: a) How countless waves space there in this tide train? 3 b) Wavelength 4.8 cmc) Amplitude0.6cmd) frequency 0.3 Hze.) speed 1.44 cm/s = 4.8 cm (0.3Hz)What is the period? ns = 1/f = 1/0.3 = 3.3 sec 26. What is the wavelength of a sound wave v a frequency that 50 Hz? (Speed of sound is 342 m/s) f)ν = λƒ rearranged come λ=ν⁄ƒ342 m/s / 50 Hz = 6.84 m27. A sound tide in a steel rail has a frequency the 620 Hz and also a wavelength that 10.5 m. What is the speed of sound in steel? ν = λƒ v = (10.5 m ) (620 Hz) = 6510 m/s 28. Why perform sounds get louder or resonate? Vibrate at natural frequency 29. Identify the frequency that a microwave 6.0 centimeter in length. ( A microwave is one electromagnetic wave. It travels through room at a speed of 3.0 x 10 ^8 m/s) ν = λƒ rearranged come ƒ=ν⁄λ convert 60 cm (1m / 100 cm) = 0.06 m f = (300000000) – 0.06 = 5,000,000, 000 m 30. An ocean wave has actually an amplitude the 2.5 m. Weather conditions suddenly adjust such the the wave has an amplitude that 5.0 m. The lot of energy transported by the tide is __________. A. Halved b. Doubled c. Quadrupled d. Stays the exact same 31. Determine the letter for Constructive or damaging Interference G: Constructive K: terrible H: destructive L: terrible I: disastrous M: terrible J: Constructive N: Constructive If this were two sound waves, at which letter would certainly the sound it is in the loudest? J or K? J What around the quietest? J or K? K 32. Mechanically waves require a product medium to travel (air, water, ropes). These waves are separated into three various types. Transverse waves: cause the medium to move perpendicular to the direction the the wave. Compressional or longitudinal waves cause the tool to move parallel come the direction that the wave. Surface :both transverse waves and also longitudinal waves combined in one medium.SOUND waves 33. In the rate of Sound lab, two different frequencies were used. 258 Hz and also 512 Hz, both that which moved at ~358 m/s. The well-known speed of sound because that 0oC is 332 m/s. What relationship can you infer around temperature and speed that sound waves? . The warmer the waiting the faster the speed. 34. Recognize the form of wave interaction as Constructive or devastating A: If these were sound waves define what you would certainly hear when a and also b occur simultaneously Constructive and also louder together B. If these to be sound waves explain what you would hear when a and also b occur simultaneously Destructive and also silence 35. Sound is a compression tide Speed counts on the nature of the medium in which it propagates Give an instance that illustrates this point. As soon as listening because that an oncoming train you have the right to put your ear to the steel tracks and hear the oncoming train long before you deserve to hear it in the air. 36. A sound tide traveling with a solid material has actually a frequency the 500 hertz. The wavelength the the sound wave is 2 meters. What is the rate of sound in the material? ν = λƒ = 2 m (500 Hz) = 1,000 m/s 37. The time compelled for the sound tide (v = 340 m/s) to travel from the tuning fork to suggest A is ____ . V = d/t therefore rearrange because that t = d/v20 m / 512 Hz = 0.04 Sec38. Rate of sound lab. What occurred to the sound the the tuning fork as soon as resonance occurred? The sound gained much louder 39. Attract 3 diagrams of you and also the sound of a fire-truck continuing to be the same, getting quieter and also getting louder. In each case describe why you hear these various volumes together the truck remains still and also the observer is still, there is no adjust in either the wave frequency or wavelength and therefore no readjust in pitch. Sound remains consistent as the truck viewpoints the together the truck move farther way distance gets shorter between the distance increases causing the truck and the watch making the wavelength to increase and the wavelengths get much shorter and the frequency to decrease. The frequency higher causing an resulting in the intensity to decrease increase in pitch – LOUDER and = QUIETER: much more area because that perception since the same power to disperse = less intense power is provided off but less area because that dispersal of the power = more INTENSE 40. In the above problem, does the rate of sound readjust as the truck moves? No 41. Together frequency increases, wavelength decreases and energy rises for EM waves. ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM 42. Describe the relationships in between energy and also EM Spectrum together wavelength increases, the frequency decreases and so does the power decrease. 43. Which shade of visible light has actually the most energy? Violet Explain: Violet has actually the highest possible frequency and thus the greatest energy. 44. Once using a spectrometer to look at the overhead fluorescent lights, 5 bars that light were visible (violet, teal, shining green, orange and red) define What the spectrometer walk to create these bright fancy lines. The “white” light entered the device which separation the light into the separation, personal, instance wavelengths. 45. Define how various bars that light show up in the bright heat spectrum: together atoms absorb energy, your electrons obtain excited and jump increase from their steady orbital. Once the excited electron release power in the kind of photons, the electrons fall ago down to their secure state. Depending on the distance the electron has to autumn determines the color of the photon. A more energetic photon will certainly be violet as result of the large distance matches a red photon for brief distance 46. How have the right to we usage bright line spectra to recognize the contents of stars. Each aspect has its distinct makeup that electrons and unique bright heat spectra. Once we look at solar spectra, us can match the currently we check out in the far-off stars to each element. 47. Describe the color of a comet as seen during its strategy to Earth and also then its departure. As the comet gets closer come Earth, it will certainly appear an ext violet as result of the shortening of the wavelengths. As it overcome us and also gets more away, the comet will appear redder. 48. What are the many abundant facets in the universe? H and He 49. Define Red Shift: as stars and also other heavenly bodies continue to relocate farther far in the widening universe, their Hydrogen spectrum shifts to the appropriate or more red end of the spectrum. 50. Provide 3 piece of evidence that the universe is expanding. 1. Red shift of light 2. H and He room the most abundant aspects in the cosmos by far! 3. Microwave radiation is present everywhere in the universe as the leftover radiation from the initial explosion. 51. Microwave radiation was developed during the huge Bang, ~ above the EM spectrum exactly how much power is contained in this waves? Microwaves are really low in terms of power levels. An ext WAVE problems If the velocity of a radio wave is 300 000 000 m/s (light speed) and its wavelength is 3.108 m, what is the frequency the the wave? (Remember Hz)ν = λƒ rearrange come f=v/λ = 300,000,000 m/s / 3.108 m = 96525097 Hz What is a period? A unit of time because that one wave cycle to complete Give one example: when standing in the beach, Zach , Georgia and Seamus acquire drenched every 33 seconds. The duration of the tide is 33 sec. What is the equation for finding the period? P= 1/f What is expected by frequency? how much of a wave completes in 1 sec. Cycles of a wave/ sec What unit is offered to measure up frequency? Hertz provide an example. When flying, a hummingbird flaps its wings 70 times every minute. The frequency is 70/60 sec. = 1.16 cycle per sec or Hz together the wavelength that a wave in a uniform tool increases, its speed will continue to be the same. As the wavelength that a tide in a uniform tool increases, the frequency will decreases copy the frequency that a wave source doubles the speed of the waves. TRUE or FALSE? The water waves listed below are traveling along the surface ar of the ocean at a speed of 2.5 m/s and splashing periodically against Wilbert"s perch. Each surrounding crest is 5 meters apart. The crests splash Wilbert"s feet upon getting to his perch. Just how much time passes in between each succeeding drenching? Answer and also explain using complete sentences. ν = λƒ rearrange to f=v/λ 2.5 m/s / 5m = 0.5 Hz ns = 1/f p = 1/0.5 Hz = 2 sec Mac and also Tosh stand 8 meters apart and also demonstrate the activity of a transverse tide on a snakey. The wave e have the right to be defined as having actually a vertical distance of 32 cm from a trough to a crest, a frequency that 2.4 Hz, and also a horizontal street of 48 centimeter from a crest to the nearest trough. Recognize the amplitude, period, and wavelength and also speed of such a wave. A = ½ (32 cm) = 16 cmP = 1/f= 1/2.4 Hz = 0.4 secλ = 2(48 cm) = 96 cm and also ν = λƒ = 230 m/s Two boats are anchored 4 meter apart. Lock bob up and down, return to the very same up place every 3 seconds. As soon as one is increase the various other is down. There room never any type of wave crests in between the boats. Calculation the rate of the waves. P = 1/frearrange so that f = 1/P = 1/3 sec = 0.33 Hzν = λƒ = 8 m (0.33 Hz) = 2.7 m/s complement the term because that waves interactions below to the figures: Reflection, Refraction and also DiffractionDiffraction have fun Refraction define why a pool toy in ~ the bottom the the pool appears farther away 보다 it actually is: Speed transforms from air to water (change in medium).

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The light showing off the the toy is bent together it beginning the air and also your eyes detect the distorted waves.