What"s the average height of the male and also female volleyball athletes by position and department in the NCAA?

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These space the typical volleyball heights because that an athlete follow to your positions:

Libero/Defensive Specialist: 5"5" - 6"0" (165.1 - 182.9 cm)

Middle Blocker: 6"0" - 6"4"+ (182.9 - 193+ cm)

Outside Hitters: 5"11" - 6"2" (180.3 - 188 cm)

Rightside Hitters: 5"11" - 6"2"+ (180.3 - 188+ cm)

Setters: 5"9" - 6"1"+ (175.3 - 185.4+ cm)



For men, i found comparable stats native the same resource as females in the other answer, yet scattered over different pages:

And for comparison to worldwide play, I likewise found this native the FIVB, based on the 2012 Olympics:

Height that the height 4 teams per player function

Volleyball coaches regularly discuss about the importance to select tall players. In outline two tables with some facts around this subject. An initial an synopsis of the elevation of players because that the top 4 teams OG 2012 London by player function:



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