I understand that if we desire to transform from base 16 to basic 10 we execute as adheres to (for example):

Given : $15C$ in basic $16$

Conversion to base 10: $12 imes 16^0 + 5 imes 16^1 + 1 imes 16^2 = 348$ in base $10$

But ns am unable to transform $15C.38$(base $16$) to base $10$.

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Can someone display how ?


After the point, it goes like $16^-1$, $16^-2$ etc.

Therefore, $(15C.38)_16$ deserve to be converted by doing the following:

$1 imes 16^2 + 5 imes 16^1 + 12 imes 16^0 + 3 imes 16^-1 + 8 imes 16^-2$.

Another method is, writing every digit together 4-bit binary string and also than convert those to decimal. I.e.

$(0001$ $0101$ $1100$ . $0011$ $1000)_2 = (?)_10$


After the "radix" allude (the dot), we can just divide each creature in place $i$ counting native the left by $16^i$. Therefore $0.36_16 = 3/16+6/16^2$. This generalizes to all bases.


We have $15C_16=348_10$.

The fractional component is $0.38_16$ which is $(3 imes 16^-1)+(8 imes 16^-2)=0.21875$.

So $15C.38_16=348.21875_10$.


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