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okay therefore a girlfriend of mine gave me an old bear whitetail hunter, the very first one ns believe, the wire is shot and the cables room worn, i have actually shot this point a few times to make certain it every works and it shoots an extremely well for the condition (this is this is the an initial compound i"ve ever before shot) yet i am having trouble recognize a shop neighborhood to me that have the right to replace the cables and the string. Does any one understand a shop digital that sells replacements atleast? i cant find any kind of thing after ~ reading and also searching because that a few hours, i recognize most world will be choose sell the bow and also buy other newer, however i favor the look at of this bow and also it was provided to me by a friend and also i don"t psychic spending a small money to obtain it ago up to par come shoot every now and also then,
does this bow have the rubber coated steel cables or plastic extended steel cables?? if for this reason they are very hard to come by. The bow string deserve to be replaced, by any kind of pro shop or wire maker
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