Gloria Dump’s “mistake tree” encapsulates the novel’s insistence that it’s important to discover from one’s past mistakes. In Gloria’s younger years, she to be an alcoholic. She tied alcohol bottles the she emptied through the course of her alcoholism come a tree in her yard in bespeak to, together she speak Opal, “keep the ghosts away”—that is, to save her sober and to remind her of every the class she learned when she to be drinking. With this, the novel insists that people cannot just gloss over the awkward or imperfect parts of your lives. It’s vital to try to find lessons in one’s past experiences and also follow castle going forward. Even an ext than that, though, due to the fact that of Winn-Dixie suggests that it’s additionally important to happen these great onto rather wherever possible. Gloria go this by share the idea behind her mistake tree v Opal, which help Opal become an ext understanding of her very own Mama’s alcoholism—and ultimately, to know that Mama isn’t coming back.

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).Note: all web page numbers and citation information for the quotes listed below refer come the Candlewick push edition the Because the Winn-Dixie released in 2000.

“Why space all those party on it?”

“To save the ghosts away,” Gloria said.

“What ghosts?”

“The ghosts of all the points I excellent wrong.”

I looked at every the party on the tree. “You walk that plenty of things wrong?” ns asked her.

“Mmmm-hmmm,” said Gloria. “More than that.”

“But you the nicest human being I know,” i told her.

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“Doesn’t typical I can not use done poor things,” she said.

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