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I right now work in ~ the restaurant, and i am at level 9 that the career. And also now i go and also click ~ above the restaurant it has an alternative to "Become a partner ($6000)" has anyone done this? What are the benefits of ending up being a partner? Thanks
if you become a companion then when a main you have the right to collect a huge sum that money. I ended up being a companion for the theater and also received 6000$.
I just partnered through the supermarket but haven"t yet collected any money. Ns didn"t check but one of the info bubbles argued that you could also become the owner that a location with enough money.
do you need to go to the store to acquire the money or is it automatically deposited to you.if its automatic ill do it, however i don"t desire to need to go there all the time to acquire my money
I to be a companion of a couple of places and also you do need to go collect every one of the money. I understand it stinks but its precious it when you recieve alot the cash because that free!! I constantly collect ~ above a day the i have actually off native work due to the fact that i will certainly be in town and doing alot of to run around.
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do they display you the symbol in blue and highlight it when you haev to choose up the money prefer they perform with opportunities, or carry out you just need to remember?
The tiny hint window mentioned something around buying out the other partners, however it provided no indication regarding how to discover out who else had invested in a given business.
The small hint window mentioned something about buying the end the various other partners, but it provided no indication as to how to find out who else had actually invested in a offered business.
yeh i saved up choose 20K to see if the choice would come up and also it did, you might need a whole lot the money for the alternative to come up.

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I actually have actually to click on the deed in my inventory and go come the company to collection the money. So thats cool because that you that you dont have to drive around to collect. As much as buying the other human being out, every you need to do is click on the alternative of buying castle out and you just get in the building and it just happens. Thats just how it has actually been functioning for me anyway. I supplied the motherlode you do require quite a little of money to buy castle out.
The price varieties all vary. Simply to be a companion is a couple thousand...depending on the business...but come buy them fully out, ns guess it might be approximately 100,000. Ns think thats how much it price me come buy the end the hospital. Mine sim has the tinkering he no really require a job. He just needs come be great at tinkering. I obtained him a job just to keep him busy...but i also wanted the extra income in instance i decide to make him quit his job. And also i have built up money from all of the bought the end property and also its fairly a bit. Ns cant mental the amount turn off the top of mine head. If you only use the motherlode cheat just to obtain you some cash to yet some of castle wouldnt really need a task or need to use cheats. The only other inspiration of purchase them the end is you get to readjust the name and also possibly control how the company is ran. And also of course the big sum that cash you get!!!