He comes the end of the darkness, moving in top top hisvictims in fatal silence. As soon as he leaves, a trailof blood is all the remains. He is a monster,Grendel, and also all who know of him live in fear. Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, to know somethingmust be done to avoid Grendel. However who will guardthe good hall he has built, wherein so numerous men havelost their stays to the monster while keepingwatch? only one guy dares to stand up toGrendel"s fury --Beowulf.

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Robert Nye (1939–2016) was a british poet, novelist, journalist, and also critic whose publications include Merlin, The Memoirs of lord Byron, Mrs. Shakespeare, and also the bestselling and award-winning Falstaff, which the Times dubbed “one the the many ambitious and also seductive novels the the decade.” His poetry has appeared in plenty of publications such as The Atlantic Monthly, Encounter, and also Listen.

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