Birch is a deciduous tree the reaches between 10 and also 30 meters high, it is normally grown together an ornamental varieties for parks and also gardens. On this chance we will not dedicate the post to speak in general about birch tree, however we will focus on specifically extending two the the most renowned varieties, the river Birch and the silver- Birch. Back these 2 varidedades have actually several direfencias the treatment on their pruning is almost the same. The is why in this post we will dedicate ourselves come making every little thing clear about the pruning of silver- Birch and River Birch. us will likewise take the time to offer advice on exactly how to prune one of these birches near home.

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If you check out to the finish you will discover the best techniques for proper pruning, the right time to trim and the tools to perform it.

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The short article has no waste, I guarantee you.