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My tires have some dried rot need to change them those the ideal tires because that a 86 Honda Rebel 450 what is the greatest tire that will certainly fit the rear of mine bike v the stock rear shocks and fenders :Thanx:Thanks

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MT66"s native Pirelli made my 250 therefore much much more comfortable come turn and they don"t follow any grooves in the road. Ns don"t have actually a 450, but I imagine that the same tires would apply even in a bigger size. Ns think mine next set will it is in a pair of more expensive tires simply to gauge their worthiness. The Metzelers need to be more expensive because that a reason right. Right? us shall see. I trust the male with 9k posts though. Can"t go wrong with either tires for your bike. Cheap tires don"t feeling the same, my OEM Bridgestones to be the worst tires I can imagine putting on any type of motorcycle and also I would never ever do that to my 250 again.Quoted indigenous a sportbike forum worrying Metzeler matches Pirelli tires:found SOME details on Metz site:In that 130 year background Metzeler has constantly satisfied sector demands with innovation. Metzeler has always been an industry leader, setup trends the others space still trying to achieve1986 - due to the fact that the 1st January 1986, Metzeler had been a member that the Pirelli Group. A restructuring period of the existing different branches right into independent providers took place, and in 1989, Pirelli founded Metzeler Reifen GmbH.and other places...Well-informed readers know that Pirelli and Metzeler joined forces a few years ago, a union that developed a crowded tire lineup for the duo. The Diablo has actually the very same mission as Metzeler"s Sportec M-1, yet Pirelli was careful not come divulge the differences between it and the Diablo. Pirelli, naturally, said its tires is much better than the effective Sportec in particular areas yet wouldn"t specify which. To far better differentiate the 2 brands in the future, we deserve to expect Pirelli to be marketed an ext toward the sporting next of motorcycle tires, if Metzeler will edge closer come the cruiser and also touring riders who love high-mileage tires, according to Pirelli brass. Even an ext other...The information readily available on this site relates come Pirelli and also Metzeler gyeongju tyres, both being made by Pirelli. All tyres are created in one manufacturing facility located in Breuberg, Germany and also distributed come Complog via the considerable Burton-on-Trent facility. Pirelli’s patented zero degree steel building and construction is used throughout the range. The famous consistency that the tyre output might be attributed to the fact that every Pirelli/Metzeler tyres are mounted and confirm by laser beam for complete accuracy before distribution.