Our raising Lil’ absent Stars holy bible Verse Printables because that the Letter H are easily accessible to download because that free!  H is for HEARTS! This collection is based on Psalm 33:21, “In that our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name.” 

We supplied the team version in mine children’s church course of 4 & 5 year olds. Ns am making use of the residence bundle through Ladybug together a review, functioning on the verses again later on.  because that example, in my class we room on the letter N right now, but at residence we just operated on our review of letter G. She is in my children’s church course so she is acquiring the group teaching and also then acquiring it again at residence with me.

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Here’s a emergence at the occupational she did at home.

She enjoys the coloring page.



Color ~ map ~ Write the letter Hh, making use of Wiki Stix because that the middle set of letters.



Cut and Glue the Verse ~ this is a good word work task for her, identifying individual words and sounds she knows as well as the holy bible verse as a whole. She uses the printable that has the irradiate gray corresponding words top top it.



Here’s the work Ladybug did at home…



And, this is Ladybug to sing the verse because that you!  The verse song printables room only obtainable in the bundle yet you can hear the track for Letter G in this video!  In instance you don’t catch it, the track is If you’re Happy and You understand It.


The free version is just for residence use.  If you will certainly be making use of these printables in a church setting, private group, co-op, preschool or other group you will have to purchase the group bundle here.

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Download your free Letter H printables here!


Scroll down until you view the graphic for letter H and click on it to download the PDF file.