Well it seems I"ve been on a bit of a flurry recently but I credit writing this write-up with the poor an answer my last one got. If you have not check out it please do so in ~ the adhering to link:http://snucongo.org/articles/160465-dream-match-breakdowns-2-king-kong-bundy-vs-big-van-vader/

That being said I"m going to move straight right into my next article, breaking down what can only be a dubbed a war of the giants, a battle of the Goliaths. A dream match that has been widely discussed and debated because 1995, Big show Vs Andre The Giant. That would perhaps win in this colossal pairing? Well allows take a look.

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1) Size

Andre was widely described as the 8thwonder of the world and the nickname suitable him. At the height of his career Andre stood in ~ 7"4 and weighted as much as 550 pounds. Through this unbelievable dimension came overcoming strength that just the really largest and also strongest athletes could possibly even come close come matching. Andre was as close to gift a gigantic as person being has ever come.

The large show is no slouch self in regards to size, despite Andre was significantly larger. Large Show stands in ~ 7"0 and also weighs 441 pounds. That is the closestly a wrestler has actually ever involved being Andre"s height and weight, so lot so that once he very first debuted WCW claimed he to be Andre"s son. They referred to as him the Giant and he important earned the nickname as Andre earn his.

2) gaining started


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Andre was uncovered by lord Alfred Hayes, whom is commonly remembered as being the WWE commentator during the 80s. He was brought to Paris to train. Edourard Carpentier agreed come train Andre together there were couple of who would train with someone of Andre"s immense size and strength. Because that the next several year Andre wrestled throughout Europe brand-new Zealand and also Africa, and also soon later in Japan and also Canada.

The huge Show to be originally brought to Chicago as a potential soccer player. That showed tiny interest in football and though that did own a great interest in wrestling. Jim Strauser, whom was the one the brought large Show come Chicago, had the ability to get huge Show on a radio display where the met Hulk Hogan. He would certainly soon enter The Monster Factory, the institution which famously produced Bam Bam Bigelow. After 7 months of an overwhelming training the signed v WCW.

3) Main occasion Quality

Andre was conveniently one the the greatest draws throughout the 70s and also much that the 80s. The had an excellent feuds with other "giants" including huge John Studd and also King Kong Bundy. He won a 20 man fight royal at Wrestlemania 2 which featured NFL stars and wrestlers. But his most known rivalry against Hulk Hogan is easily counted amongst one the the best feuds in every one of wrestling history.

The large Show has seen an ext than his share of Main occasions though the quality of such has dissipated in recent years. He began wrestling Hogan in WCW. He also had a few great matches v Kevin Nash and also a quite interest complement with Goldberg before relocating on to the WWE. Several of the an ext impressive matches he has had associated Mankind, the Rock and the Undertaker.

4) Championships

Despite his outstanding size Andre really never shined through with Championship reigns. Many of them to be tag title and four that these power were sign titles external the WWE. The only hosted two title in WWE. He organized the tag titles v Haku, in a reign that it s long a rather generic 109 days. His various other reign was through the civilization title and you would intend a dominating and also impressive reign as champion. What girlfriend actually gained was the shortest title regime in the history of the WWE championship lasting a mere 8 seconds due to the fact that he tried to provide it to Ted Dibiase and as a result the title was vacated. However He was the very first person to be inducted right into the WWE hall of Fame as far ago as 1993.

Big display was much much more dominate in the area that championship titles. That is a four time heavyweight champion, two reigns with the WCW title and two v the WWE title. Yet his longest heavyweight title power was just 110 days. That is held the us title in a power that lasted 147 days. He organized the hardcore title 3 times and also The ECW championship as soon as in a power that has actually been the longest due to the fact that WWE reincarnated the brand. He has really shined in the tags team division being a six time tags champion, three in WCW and also three in WWE.

5) Move-set

Andre has a variety of moves that showed off his size and also strength. One that is often detailed is the headbutt which, from him, often brought opponents come the ground. Another that he frequently used to be the Samoan drop despite he provided this less and also less in later on years. Every wrestler earlier then had the scoop slam in their move-set but few had Andre"s tremendous strength. He verified that he can easily slam people the big Shows size when he slammed huge John Studd and King Kong Bundy.

Big present had a move-set very similar to Andre"s. His Headbutt is an extremely notable though no on par v Andre"s. His delayed Vertical suplex is outstanding though the is doubt-able he can suplex Andre, allow alone host him in the air for a while before he go it. The Sidewalk slam is a pretty move and he has shown that he is an ext than qualified of hitting the on Giants together he has actually done the move to the Undertaker, Kevin Nash and also Kane.

6) Finishers

Andre"s finishing move weren"t noþeles special and were actually typical moves that were made much more effective by Andres good strength. These moves consisted of the elbow drop, seated splash/butt dive, large splash pin, and double underhook suplex. Numerous of this moves would certainly be ineffective versus the Big present due to him being similar size. The one of Andre"s finishers that could still stand as a finishing move is his sport of the tombstone piledriver i m sorry he offered scarcely.

The quality of huge Show"s finishers is much better than Andre"s. The most typical one and also the one most most likely everyone has actually seen is the Chokeslam though big Show would certainly not have the ability to use this relocate on Andre because it is skeptical there is anyone lively that could have choose up Andre through one hand. Another is the cobra clutch backbreaker though slamming someone as large as Andre top top one"s knee would likely snap it. The Final cut wouldn"t also be bothered v for once an ext the reason of size. The inverted leghookbulldog may work to save Andre down. The most likely Finisher large Show would go v is the knockout punch.

Final Winner: big Show

This decision might be heavily questioned as Andre is most typically looked on as the better giant but look at this way. Andre relied on his dimension to dominate his opponents. He to be a great six to seven inches taller than even some of the bigger males he fought and outweighed lock by a good 150-200 pounds, and also his moves and also finishers were really generic since he was lot stronger than most of his opponents. Huge Show however has constantly confronted off against opponents practically his equal in height and also weight and also beaten them.

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Stepping right into a match like this Big Show would have a great experience edge encountering off against someone similar in size, i m sorry is other Andre lacks. I"m no disputing Andre"s tradition as he is among the biggest to ever step within the ring and has picked up a wire of an excellent wins versus legends that the squared circle but if it ever had come under to big Show and Andre I know who i would placed my money on. Ns think human being should avoid looking at big Show together the next Andre and also as a whole brand-new entity.