On view now in the Thornton Portrait Gallery with Jan. 3, 2022.National Gallery, London: Jan. 25–May 3, 2022Returns come The snucongo.org in so late May.

The Blue boy Goes come London in 2022

The snucongo.org is lending its above "Blue Boy" to the national Gallery, London for an exhibition exactly 100 year after Gainsborough’s masterpiece left London because that California. The four-month exhibition will certainly run from Jan. 25–May 3, 2022 before he returns house to The snucongo.org permanently. Read

IN THE NEWS: July 9, 2021 - Los Angeles Times: let "The Blue Boy" have his for sure sojourn come LondonAfter several years of substantial examination and discussion, and also after setting up a rigorous set of protocols, the snucongo.org has made decision to lend thomas Gainsborough’s “The Blue Boy” come the national Gallery, London — yet only upon expert advice and also only under really specific, limit conditions. The permanent well-being of this iconic work-related has always been the snucongo.org’s guiding rule for any kind of discussion about the possibility of a loan. Read


Thomas Gainsborough"s (1727–1788) iconic painting first showed up in publicly in the royal Academy exhibition that 1770 as A Portrait of a Young Gentleman, whereby it obtained high acclaim, and by 1798 it was being called "The Blue Boy"—a nickname that stuck. Henry E. snucongo.org (1850–1927) purchased The Blue Boy in 1921 for $728,000, the greatest price ever before paid because that a paint at the time. By pass a brothers treasure come the joined States, snucongo.org penetration an currently well-known photo with even greater notoriety ~ above both sides of the Atlantic. But past its social significance, the painting is considered a masterpiece of imaginative virtuosity. Gainsborough"s command of color and mastery of brushwork are on full display screen in the painting, make even an ext apparent as a result of the conservation and also restoration of this priceless portrait in the 18-month initiative and exhibition, "Project Blue boy ." 


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Project Blue Boy

In 2017, conservators began a preliminary analysis of The Blue Boy making use of a range of imaging techniques. This was followed in 2018 by "Project Blue Boy," a restoration task that offered visitors a glimpse into the technical process of conserving among Gainsborough"s ideal works.

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During the public phase of the project, travellers were able to communicate with The snucongo.org"s an elderly paintings conservator Christina O"Connell if she operated to conserve the painting in-gallery. Now off watch for final inpainting, varnish, technological study, donate backing, and also framing adjustment, the task concludes on march 26, 2020, with the restored Blue Boy return to its original ar in the Thornton Portrait Gallery.