Interview through Burt Wolf with vocalist & guitarist, Alexia Rodriguez, guitarist Greg Kerwin, screamer & keyboardist, Brandon Anderson the EYES collection TO KILL!Interview done March 9th, 2008.

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EYES set TO death IS quiet A nice YOUNG BAND, BEING about SINCE 2004, COULDYOU give SOME that THE BANDS background UP come THIS POINT? just how YOU gained TOGETHER?Alexia: Anissa & I started playing music when she was finishing small high & i was beginning high institution & not too long after, we started the band. We wanted the drummer & 2nd guitarist to be guys because we didn"t desire to autumn under the whole chick band cliché thing. And we wanted to discover a screamer to record some of our most intense & emotional parts of the songs. Us were both fans of the Hardcore & Screamo scene so us didn"t want to it is in a band v out a screamer. Us went through about 8 different members however I deserve to proudly say the our final line increase we have right currently is perfect. We space all therefore comfortable v each various other & feel favor one dysfunctional but happy family :)ANY ahead BANDS MEMBERS to be IN BEFORE?Alexia: A handful of local Arizona bands that never went outside Arizona.WHO OR WHAT HAS had SOME affect ON you MUSICALLY & IN LIFE?Alexia: I grew up listening to popular music Punk choose BLINK 182 & GREENDAY. Yet my main impacts come from bands prefer THRICE, MUSE, THURSDAY. Bands that are diverse & passionate.ARE THE tape MEMBERS me TAUGHT musicians OR have YOU HAD skilled TRAINING? execute YOU PLAY any type of OTHER instruments THAN WHAT girlfriend PLAY IN THE BAND?Greg: i was me taught...although i did take it lessons ~ I was in the band (just to give my skill). I likewise was a drummer at first.

Alexia: We assumed it would make us different then all the other bands in our genre.HOW IS IT having TWO sisters IN THE very same BAND? any SIBLING PROBLEMS?Greg: HaHa no...the girls space the many mature people I know. We are all in this band for the same reason. So no one lets an individual problems affect the band.EYES set TO death KINDA got THAT stereo TYPED CHICK BAND thing IN THE at an early stage YEARS. Now THAT YOU have actually BEEN approximately FOR A few YEARS & entirely SHOWED THEM, perform YOU still RUN into THIS PROBLEM?
Greg: the Course. Ns think any new & upcoming band is always stereo typed. In fact, every band is commonly talked about unfairly. The people is too big not to have stereo types.EYES set TO kill WAS THE MYSPACE #1 UNSIGNED band FOR AWHILE. How DOES the FEEL, specifically BEING the THERE ARE countless MILLIONS that UNSIGNED BANDSON MYSPACE?Greg: it feels great & well deserved. We put all we have actually into this band.YOUR new ALBUM "REACH" dropped ON FEBRUARY 19TH by BREAKSILENCE RECORDS. Exactly how DID YOU get HOOKED UP with THEM?Brandon: our manager is friends v everyone at SUBURBAN NOIZE RECORDS & we occurred to it is in in California, so we quit by their office & dropped turn off a CD. They chosen it & readily available to offer us a deal. They gave us the chance to start our very own imprint label (BREAKSILENCE) & that"s just how that go down.WHAT has actually THE an answer BEEN prefer SO much FOR THE ALBUM?Brandon: So far it has actually been awesome. We get hit increase by loads of civilization everyday top top myspace saying they picked up a copy in stores. That seems choose it is capturing on & spreading & we couldn"t ask because that anything an ext than that.CAN YOU define THE definition BEHIND THE ALBUM sheathe A BIT?Greg: It has a many to perform with the text of our single "Reach" & the video clip for that tune as well. That symbolizes hope & the capability to "reach" the end & get rid of anything the gets thrown at you in life. It"s also around how an external perspective is usually various than actuality.WHAT IS some of THE LYRICAL content IN your SONGS? that WRITES THE bulk OF THE MUSIC IN THE tape OR IS it A WHOLE teamwork THING?Greg: The lyrics space written by Alexia & Brandon. As much as the music goes us all contribute in our very own ways.

Greg: We space doing a bunch of tours coming up, both headlining & supporting. They are still in the works, so I"m not informing :)ARE THERE any kind of COOL OR exciting BAND story YOU might SHARE v US?Brandon: Caleb just got a megaman tattoo. I find that cool & infant at Warped tour last year. Ns don"t think many people can speak they have actually done that.
ARE girlfriend INTO any kind of OTHER layouts OF MUSIC as well as WHAT friend PLAY? WHO have YOU to be LISTENING to RECENTLY?
Alexia: I have actually been listening to THE FORMAT, COLDPLAY, RADIOHEAD, CAMERA OBSCURA...more on the mellow side of Rock ns guess you have the right to say.WHAT perform THE MEMBERS of THE band DO when NOT DOING any type of WORK because that THE BAND?Greg: Haha well, when house from tourism I capture up v my friends...but various other than the we practice every single day.WHAT IS ONE thing YOU THINK human being WOULD it is in SURPRISED TO uncover OUT around YOU?Greg: A lot of of human being don"t know Alexia & Anissa room sisters.WHAT deserve to WE LOOK front TO following FROM EYES collection TO KILL?Greg: Many an ext albums, many tours, possibly abroad sometime in 2008.

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WHAT to be YOU DOING before ANSWERING THIS INTERVIEW? WHAT will certainly YOU DO currently THAT the IS OVER?Greg: ns was in ~ my parents house eating dinner prior to this. And in around four hrs we leaving for L.A. Come play a show through UNWRITTEN LAW & have a blast at Disneyland.THANX A LOT for TAKING the moment TO price THIS INTERVIEW. Great LUCK with THE brand-new ALBUM & lot SUCCESS!Thanx!